Spring into CLEAN

Spring into CLEAN

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Apr 8th 2021

Spring cleaning is definitely in full force! Did you know your skincare and makeup expires?! It's time to start FRESH! Read our blog post HERE to learn when and how you can replace with PURE products

Have you read our guide on detoxing your home?! Did you know laundry detergents are filled with SEVERAL toxic ingredients?! DON'T WORRY, we do carry a plant-based, essential oil blend laundry detergent. YAY! From skincare, beauty, household, wellness, it's time to ditch anything toxic and make the switch!  

Recommended skincare for your skin type:

Of course we love our Wash ThisBody Konjac and Good + Glow for ALL skin types! Body care is just as important as your skincare routine for your face!

Our Clean Makeup Faves:


Don't forget about those makeup brushes!

  1. Reminder to toss those expired/ old products if you haven't already. READ HERE all about when it's time to toss!
  2. Brushes should be cleaned every 7-10 days
  3. Use your DETOX BAR to clean those brushes
  4. How to:
    1. Use hot water to rinse brushes
    2. Swipe brush on DETOX BAR
    3. Clean using circular motions on palm of hand
    4. Rinse
    5. Repeat until water is clean