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At Switch2Pure, we believe that clean beauty doesn’t need to be complicated and PURE performance-based skincare should be more than a good idea. We take the guesswork out of switching to safer, with put pure-yet-powerful products from skincare to body care. We pore over every ingredient, obsess over every detail and formulate powerful, yet-totally effective products in small batches and in eco-conscious packaging.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have a Wellness location in Houston, Texas and do POPUPS around the country. And we also have a “shop-the-edit” part to our website where you can find all of Estela’s PURE FAVORITES, beyond her own brand. Well, because Estela is all about making sure everyone has access to the BEST in clean beauty. Think of us as your one-stop-shop where you are able to discover your new toxin-free favorites—and clean up your beauty, skincare routines for good. Hello, GLOW!

Like exercise and mammograms, we all know that clean beauty and skincare is something we’re supposed to be doing. But those never-ending ingredients lists. The granola-crunchy products that don’t work. It’s all so much harder than it needs to be. And how can we be sure that honey-acai mask will really do what it promises?

That’s why we’re here. We’re the trusted source for pure + clean + natural + nontoxic-yet effective beauty, skincare, home and wellness solutions. No more compromises. No more scary chemicals. No more excuses. Just,


For Switch2Pure Founder, Estela Cockrell, it was!

She found out the hard way. Faced with mysterious symptoms and diagnoses from food allergies, autoimmune disorders, and even Lyme disease, Estela took a closer look at the everyday products her family used and discovered the ugly truth: health-harming parabens, gluten and phthalates (just the tip of the toxic iceberg). Former attorney, Estela Cockrell asked questions like a good litigator would…So, she asked more questions and searched for safer alternatives. Instead, she found complicated labels, empty marketing promises and sneaky chemicals in the form of the catch-all named “fragrance” and products that irritated or didn’t work. Uninspired formulas were a far cry from the luxury brands she once adored. And, she was also completely disappointed by the mass-marketed products that fell flat.

From that challenge, an epiphany: millions of people—must be in the same rut. It could be simpler. It should be better! So, whe enlisted a small army of slightly obsessive scientist to culminate a database of known toxins: cancer-causing ingredients, neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors known as the Purist List. What was ultimately born?

A one-stop, on-the-GLOW wellness destination where purists could come (in person or online) and find everything they need to further your wellness journey. And, as if she wasn’t busy enough, Estela created her own line of natural and performance-based PURE skincare and beauty products. 22 products to be exact and some contain CBD....She believes that you shouldn't have to trade luxury in the name of natural. Totally effective, experiential products from CBD cleansers, Retin-A replacement oil for antiaging to a vitamin-rich spray serum that leaves you glowing! Her packaging is approachable, fun and totally eco-conscious. From recycled paper to recyclable bottle and some even have biodegradable packaging. Estela knows that caring for the environment is as important as caring for your skin! And, PS, sourcing is a very big priority for her. Her CBD is derived from US grown industrial hemp.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to #maketheswitch ?

We believe that luxury shouldn’t come with a health-harming price.
We believe beauty and skincare can be better. It should be easy. It must be fun.
We believe you shouldn’t need a PhD to find clean products that work.
We believe in asking questions and finding answers.
We know for sure that when you feel radiant, it shows.
We believe that luxury shouldn’t come with a side of TOXINS
We live for that moment when something good for you makes you glow.
And we never, ever take our health for granted.
We believe in green juice and cardio. We also believe in cheat days.
We want to put those products into the homes and hands of everybody.
Bye, Toxins. Hello GLOW!