Normal, Proactive, Anti-Aging Skin

Normal, Proactive, Anti-Aging Skin

Posted by Estela Cockrell

It's Never to Early to Turn Back the Clock, Consistency is Key!

Once you go Juicy Bamboo, you'll never go back. These vitamin-rich facial wipes not only wipe off the day but replenish aging, tired skin. Follow up with our Hyaluronic Acid Serum and everyone will want to know: What's your secret? Looking for anti-aging regiment that is easy enough but active?! Look no further!

Switch2pure skincare. Bright & shine cleanser, Be Glowy hyaluronic spray serum, Well and Glow retinol alternative facial oil, and Jade Crystal Roller

Proactive, Anti-Aging Skincare

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Facial Suggestions:

  1. Remove: any makeup with the Suntegrity Vanish Makeup Remover and for the eyes use the Lashfood Eye Makeup Remover
  2. CLEANSE: Bright + Shine Gel Cleanser or Glow Bar paired with Konjac Sponge
  3. EXFOLIATE: Switch2Pure Prime Fix Enzymatic Scrub (use 2-3x per week, but gentle enough for daily use)
  4. PLUMP/TIGHTEN: Be Glowy Hyaluronic Spray Serum - combats signs of aging and boosts collagen production, resulting in younger looking skin
  5. MOISTURIZE: Well + Glow, like to follow up with a cream - Intelligent Elixer Ultra Restorative
  6. PM PENETRATE: Crystal Roller or Gua Sha - hydrates and boosts the texture of skin, encourages youthful glow, penetrates products & can be used with any of the face oils. For best results, we recommend: Well + Glow Rejuvenating Facial Oil
  7. EYE CARE: Supermood Restoring Eye Cream. The Honest Hazel Under Eye Gels are perfect for treating yourself or gifting! These eye gels instantly firm and refresh tired under eyes.
  8. PAMPER: At S2P, we take Selfcare Sunday serious. Try one of our masks to give your skin a much needed break from the everyday work/life hustle! Our ultra luxurious, youth promoting Switch2Pure Prime Fix Enzymatic Scrub or Supermood Luxury Peel!

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Makeup Suggestions:

  1. Suntegrity Tinted Spf
  2. Saint Lip Gloss
  3. Highlighters
  4. Eye Palette
  5. Brow Pencil & Mascara, Duh!

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Au naturale clean lipstick, lipliner, and lipgloss

Bath + Body Suggestions:

  1. Switch2Pure Bar Collection
  2. Switch2Pure Wash This Body Cleanser + Body Konjac Sponge
  3. Switch2Pure Prime Fix Enzymatic Scrub (use 2-3x per week, but gentle enough for daily use)
  4. Switch2Pure Good + Glow Body Oil
  5. Be Chill Body Rub (BUH BYE aches + pains)
  6. Sun + Tan (antioxidant rich and moisturizing)
  7. Hair Care(that doesn't fall flat!) Read more on our hair detox

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Switch2pure body skincare. Wash this body cleanser and Good and Glow retinol alternative body oil

Wellness (Skincare results start from within):

  1. My Daily Dose Customized vitamins
  2. Balancing Act Vegan Protein
  3. Feelin Alive - The B's You Need
  4. Power Sprinkles (multivitamin powder that also helps you drink more water!)

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Switch2pure nutraceuticals. Digestive enzymes, L glutamine, and tasteless collagen.

Kits + Wellery:

Gift Kit - Switch2Pure Exfoliate + Glow Bundle, Switch2Pure Travel Discovery Kit, Switch2Pure Bestie Kit

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"The best skin product I have ever used! It has replaced all of my other serums, moisturizers and retinol. It smells wonderful, hydrates my skin and also works as a makeup primer! Great price for such an amazing product!! I have purchased this product multiple times!" - Katherine | Well + Glow Rejuvenating Facial Oil

"Best addition to my daily routine! My skin has never felt or looked better with this spray! Absolutely obsessed. Cannot live without it. Best addition to my daily routine. But two - put one in the refrigerator and keep it cool for a cold spray during the summer heat. Love it!!" - Stephanie | Be Glowy Hyaluronic Spray Serum

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