Acne Prone, Oily, Combination Skin

Acne Prone, Oily, Combination Skin

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Apr 28th 2020

Switching to Pure = Switching to Clear Skin

Clarified + pimple-free, formulas that are gentle enough not to harm your skin, but active enough to help regulate sebum and aid in clearing your acne/back-ne and breakouts! During these mask-wearing times we highly recommend our new nano antibacterial face masks to help keep mascne away!!

Facial Suggestions:

Makeup Remover: Lashfood Eye Makeup Remover

Step 1: Switch2Pure BRIGHT + SHINE Gel Cleanser, Uma Deeply Clarifying Charcoal Cleanser, Knours Your Only CleanserSkinKick Daily Exfoliant Cleanser with Switch2Pure Rose Konjac Sponge or Switch2Pure Charcoal Konjac Sponge

Step 2: Switch2Pure BE GLOWY or French Girl Neroli Floral Mist

Step 3 (PM): Fitglow Age Clear Serum PadsSkinKick Glow Renewal Serum or French Girl Neroli Clarifying Serum

Step 4: SkinKick Blemish Relief LotionKnours Skin Meditation Gel Cream, or Switch2Pure WELL & GLOW full-spectrum oil

--Check out our Blog on exfoliation! We break down exfoliation for each skin type and give you yummy recommendations for the perfect exfoliator!

Additional treatments/masks: Uma Deeply Clarifying Face Mask, From Molly With Love Charcoal Mask.

When pesky break-outs arise, try our Avarelle Acne Treatment Patch Set or the Eco Modern Essentials Pimple Clear to knock them to the curb!

Makeup Suggestions:

Suntegrity Tinted Spf - finally a moisturizer, spf, base coverage ALL in one without the side of toxins.

Saint Lip Gloss $28 - a must-have!

Saint 24K Gold Powder Highlighter $40- highlighting is no phase, it's the future! Get your glow on.

Saint Eye Palette $47 - beautiful, easy to use colors that are best of all, Toxin-Free!

Bath + Body Suggestions:

Body Wash - the secret of all secrets to soft skin, this body wash is the key behind glowing skin all over.

Selfcare Soaks and Scrubs - treat yourself!

Body Butter and Oils - lock in that moisture!

Detox Body Brush - Stimulates cellulite, encourages skin cell turnover: resulting in smoother, flawless-looking skin!

Sunscreen - antioxidant-rich SPF coverage and moisturizing, luxurious feel!


My Daily Dose Customized vitamins

Balancing Act Vegan Protein

Be Chill Body Rub (post-workout) - onsite Advil that wards off even the most annoying of pains, we warned you! This stuff is GOOD.

Hair Care - toxins don't belong close to your brain, time to get switching on your hair care.


Gift Kit "The Teen Gone Clean" - Pick a boy based kit or a gift kit specific for a girl!

Kit for yourself "Detox In A Box" - a great kit for first time ditchers & switchers and perfect for our purist veterans. Everyone can use a good detox!

SHOP - all acne prone products HERE!

Steal Vs. Splurge

Steal (Teen Skincare)

Skinkick Exfoliant Cleanser an effective, fast acting cleanser for problematic skin

Knours Skin Meditation Cream is a great cream for relieving and recovering breakout areas

Avarelle Acne Cover Patch and Eco Modern Pimple Clear are forms of overnight spot treatment to dry up pimples forming under the skin

Facetory Everyday Charcoal is coated in a calming, clearing serum meant to treat breakouts

At S2P we offer the Switch2Clear Facial which detoxes and clarifies the skin

Splurge (Adult Skincare)

The Intelligent Elixir Citrus Facial scrub is the perfect cleanser for oily, acne prone skin

Looking for clear skin? Uma Deeply Clarifying Mask... the name says it all!

Perry's Cream is clarifying and moisture balancing

Pure Aura Silver Foil mask and ESW Charcoal Mask are great for stopping breakouts in their tracks

Our O2 & Glow facial is an oxygen facial treatment that balances and tightens problematic skin


"For years, I woke up to find smudged eye makeup down my face, even after using multiple high end “best eye makeup remover” picks from magazines. This is by far the best!" -MG., Purist + Blemish Prone

This is by far the best

"The aromatic algae extract is seriously a game changer - I put it on as a primer for my make-up and I no longer have cracking skin. And, the hydrative mask is like a facial in a bottle. I didn't even know my skin could feel this supple and soft." -Blakely, Purist + Eczema Sufferer

"Love. Love. Love this body wash. It smells so good... and leaves your skin feeling clean but not dry. I have given this body wash as a gift to many friends this year! -DM., Purist + Dry Skin Tendencies