Hangover Hacks by Switch2Pure

Hangover Hacks by Switch2Pure

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Dec 23rd 2019

The Holiday + New Year is coming up quickly! Can you BELIEVE we're entering a NEW decade...which is the perfect timing as we transition to our new location 3601 W Alabama 77027, expanding to a more experiential space, offering non-toxic treatments galore (like an infrared or ozone sauna to sweat out the toxins or THE PURE HYDROFACIAL or THE NOTOX FACE LIFT to plump that dehydrated skin.

BUT before all of that, we're dropping some of our TOP hangover hacks to get you through the 2019 to 2020 transition. Champagne fuzzy morning is upon is...but it's worth the celebration of a new year and new decade. 

Hangover Recs from the #BossBabe herself:

1) Water, water, water - especially before bed! Plz stay hydrated, less headaches

2) Make sure you're taking quality vitamins, we LOVE our daily-must-havesdigestive enzymes, and super ooo-omegas to keep us in tip top shape!

3) Apply a Hangover patch before bed

4) Depuff eyes with our Well & Glow rejuvenating oil and any of our crystal rollers with a small side (PRO TIP: leave in the fridge over night for EXTRA coooling ahhhh)

5) Apply Be Chill to your temples and behind your neck for extra relief 

6) Grab your fave sheet or clay mask to restore hydration

7) TOTAL POWER MOVE: Wash your face before bed with Bright + Shine, tone with Be Glowy, and moisturize with Well & Glow, you can do it!!

Stock up on our top hangover cures for extra R&R.

Plus, we totally recommend you continue your day moving, sweating it out, and nourishing your body with our powerful, packed with plant-based goodness Vegan Protein + kickstart that phase I & phase II liver detox (gentle, of course) with our detox packets.