Switch2Pure Break It Down For Me (Daily Digestive Enzymes)

  • Switch2Pure Break It Down For Me (Daily Digestive Enzymes)
  • Switch2Pure Break It Down For Me (Daily Digestive Enzymes)
  • Switch2Pure Break It Down For Me (Daily Digestive Enzymes)
  • Switch2Pure Break It Down For Me (Daily Digestive Enzymes)
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TRUTH | A proper diet is the foundation for good health and maintaining appropriate body weight. However, the well-known phrase “you are what you eat” is only part of the equation. We are not just what we eat, we’re also what we digest, absorb, and assimilate. If our digestive function is compromised, we cannot fully benefit from the nutrients in our diet, no matter how high the quality of our foods.

BEAUTY | The Good Guys combine betaine hydrochloride (HCl) along with a comprehensive, synergistic blend of enzymes which are vital for the digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. 


Recommended Use: Take one capsule per day with a meal, or as directed by your health care practioner. Color, size or shape may appear different between lots.

Amount Per Serving

  • Betaine HCI: 200 mg
  • GastroENZ: 180 mg


  • Sustained energy
  • Bowel regularity
  • Robust immunity
  • Balanced moods
  • Healthy skin and strong nails
  • Reproductive health


Digestion can be weakened for many reasons. Our busy modern lives are a recipe for sub-optimal digestion. The “fight or flight” mechanism that gets us through everyday stressful situations prevents the “rest and digest” mode from doing its job. Feeling worried, anxious, or simply eating too quickly can lead to occasional insufficient stomach acid production. In addition, the production of our own digestive enzymes naturally declines 1% every three years after age thirty. Therefore, it is understandable why so many people benefit from enzyme supplementation for optimal digestion and assimilation of nutrients from food.

Betaine hydrochloride (HCl) – an excellent source of hydrochloric acid, also known as stomach acid. Betaine HCl helps to sup- port proper stomach acidity, as adequate HCl is necessary to begin the breakdown of proteins, and to trigger the secretion of enzymes that help digest fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Proprietary blend of digestive enzymes includes:

  • Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPPIV) – a special enzyme which aids in the breakdown of gluten and casein (hard-to-digest proteins in wheat and milk)
  • Lactase – the enzyme which helps digest lactose, known as the “milk sugar”
  • Ox bile extract and lipase – to emulsify and digest fats and fat-soluble vitamins


"Anyone having digestion issues, this can be your one stop shop!"

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As a dietary supplement, take one capsule per day with a meal, or as directed by your health care practitioner. Non-GMO, Gluten Free, GMP certified. 90 count


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