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Pure Hydro Treatment

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$225.00 - $990.00




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TRUTH | Most facials are a deep skin cleanse to rid pores of impurities, exfoliate dead skin cells and treat common skin concerns.

BEAUTY | At Switch2Pure our seasoned estheticians provide performance-based facial treatments including deep hydrodermabrasion, needleless-mesotherapy, oxygen infusion and cold therapy. Your experience always begins with a complete skin analysis and recommendations. We have brought together powerful, organic and natural ingredients, years of experience by skin gurus and internationally acclaimed machines that are often found abroad and at physician’s offices. The Pure Hydro treatment is our signature peel and plump facial. This facial treatment infuses H20 + 02 to rejuvenate and balance the skin. PRO TIP | Done in a series 4-5 times consecutively, bi-monthly, monthly, your results will have people asking “what on earth are you doing with your skin?! It looks amazing!”

WHAT IT'S GOOD FOR | Dry, dehydrated or dull skin? The Pure Hydro is for you! It’s the gold standard of HYDRATION at Switch2Pure.

WHY WE LOVE IT | Expect to leave here glowing, plumped and hydrated! After 3-4 consecutive treatments you’ll notice what a difference these have made to your skin! Come experience medical-grade treatments in the comfort of our Wellery at a fraction of the cost!

ESTELA’S PURE TRUTH | "If you have experienced a hydrafacial, you know how incredibly plumped, hydrated and moisturized your skin feels. Our machine offers the same level of moisture, with the added benefits of performance-based natural skincare and cold therapy. Trust me on this one, you’ll be addicted if you’ve got dry, parched or mature skin, or if you simply haven’t had a facial in quite some time!”

WHAT TO EXPECT |  Begin your healthy glow with hydro-peel, water vacuum that lifts and extracts, followed by COLD therapy to calm the skin and oxygen infusion to brighten, moisturize, and add nourishment for the ultimate PLUMP & GLOW. 

PRO TIPS | Consecutive skincare is critical to maintaining your glow!

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