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  • Switch2Pure Ozone Sauna Therapy Houston
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TRUTH | Are you exhausted? Need to detox and boost your immune? Then Ozone Therapy is exactly what you need! 

BEAUTY | What if you could boost your immune system, ease pain and stress, and feel more energized with a relaxing 30-minute treatment? Unthinkable in this day and age, but, it’s HERE! Head to our BLOG to learn ALL benefits!


Ozone is one of the most effective body detoxifiers. Why? Steam and heat activate the body's circulatory system. And, by combining steam with ozone/O3, you can enjoy the ultimate oxygenation of the body. Ozone Therapy is also great for strengthening your immune system, reducing inflammation, stimulating ATP energy, managing stress and fatigue. Plus, you'll burn 500-700 calories in a 30 minute session! 


“I must say one of the things that helped my immune system to relieve stress, aches and pains due to my autoimmune, was optimizing my body and immune through ozone. After realizing the multitude of benefits of ozone therapy, I knew I had to share this with others! This along with meditation, nutraceuticals, clean beauty and a more balanced lifestyle changed my life for the better!"

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You take a seat in a cabinet while your head is outside. As the steam cabinet is producing steam, ozone gas from the ozone generator is pumped into the cabinet, thereby creating a synergistic effect. The humidity and heat from the sauna induce a good deal of sweating, which of course opens up the pores. Induced sweating has been known to help the body detoxify for centuries, but the addition of ozone or O3 absorption aids this through its powerful antimicrobial, antiviral actions. Essentially waking up the immune system. O3/activated oxygen allows more oxygen to reach blood cells and tissues, which increasing cellular energy.


Consistency is key! Best to come 2-3 times a week if you have a big event, like a tennis tournament, to get that ATP energy! You can then go down to once per week. 


This is not a medical device. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. It does not have FDA approval. These statements are not intended to be medical advice. Seek medical attention by your physician to see what therapies are right for you. Ask your doctor about your specific concerns and how they relate to Ozone Sauna Therapy. Although our statements are based in opinion, on research and in facts, everyone’s unique situation is different and this advice should not be considered individualized advice specifically to you. Of course, like anything, please use your best judgment.

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