Health Off the Shelf

Health Off the Shelf

Posted by Estela Cockrell

We meet you on your wellness journey, wherever that may be! One of the thing we are so honored to offer at Switch2Pure is a concierge type functional nutrition and wellness consultation program (virtual or in person). 

We look at the entire ecosystem of health and from a whole health perspective dive deep on how nutraceuticals and food can help support your system. Think, Autoimmune, immune optimization, acne, energy, weight fluctuation, food relationships, and gut balance. Get in touch and we can walk you through what your journey may look like!  Health, wellness, and beauty looks different on everyone, as it should, so that's why we offer various levels of consultations:

Health off the shelf

Switch2pure my daily dose

Custom Vitamins

My Daily Dose: customized daily AM/PM packets to your needs. The very accessible one time fee for your customized pack is $75, vitamins range from $50-$125/month. We also have many other medical grade vitamins that only doctors and nutritionist can recommend. Immune, acne, aging, energy are all recent daily packets we have built. And we all know the consistency is key and with these handy daily a.m. and p.m. packets you’ll never miss a dose again.


"Lately I have been struggling with getting back on track with a regular routine. My personalized vitamins help me start my day off right and end my day with great sleep. Thanks again to S2P for offering such diverse products." C.G. Texas

"Thank you my daughter learned so much and feels so much better. I was already happy with my results. But Now this!!" LB - New York

Switch2pure my daily dose

Switch2pure nutritionist, Krsytal Hammett, and purists

Custom Consults

Meet with our Functional nutritionist once (Wellness Now), twice + unlimited Emails (Wellness VIP) or hourly for $175 to create the perfect plan for YOU! Virtual and in person wellness consults $175/hr with most consults last 1-2 hours where we access, guide, and interpret your intake form and labs with a functional and holistic approach. Leave with more energy, an optimized immune, balance. Our certified functional nutritionist can access blood work to get a true assessment of the inner-workings of your body and how the ecosystem can be optimized ranging from:

  • Food Sensitivities (antibody tests) 96 foods $350
  • Food Sensitivities 196 foods $600
  • Micro Nutrient (what vitamins and nutrients are reflected in the body) $450
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: $250
  • Thyroid + Adrenal + Reverse T3: $250
  • Microbiome Balance (Gut balance or probiotics and flora) $375
  • Gut Sensitivity (gluten, dairy, and other known food inflammations): $400
  • Complete Panel Gut + Stool (parasites and other gut assessments) : $650
  • Blood draws in person and come to you: $75
  • Finger prick in the comfort of your own home: $75

Switch2pure Wellness VIP

Switch2pure Ozone Sauna Therapy

Detox Plans

With our Detox in a Box or Detox Packets enjoy a true medical grade, liver detox. In Houston? Flush those toxins with Infrared and Ozone.

Ozone + Infrared 

Ozone is one of the most effective body detoxifiers. Why? Steam and heat activate the body's circulatory system. And, by combining steam with ozone/O3, you can enjoy the ultimate oxygenation of the body. Ozone Therapy is also great for strengthening your immune system, reducing inflammation, stimulating ATP energy, managing stress and fatigue. Plus you'll burn 500-700 calories in a 30 minute session! To learn more about this treatment check out our ozone blog!

Switch2pure Infrared therapy

Watch now: ozone with monica

Experience the PURE detoxifying difference with Infrared. Whole body hyperthermia (temperatures of 113 or above have been associated with killing cancer and other cells but not damaging normal cells) or thermal therapy has been touted for years to help detoxify the body. The heat helps the liver and kidneys do their jobs. It assists in the removal of chemicals, heavy metals, environmental toxins and increase oxygenation, enhances the immune system, increased insulin sensitivity, pain relief and reduces the radiation burden in the body. Watch our IGTV about the Sauna!

Head to our IGTV to learn more!

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