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TRUTH | Sometimes you need help losing that last bit of weight or sleeping thru the night.  Or you have on-and-off hormonal problems.  We could all use some advanced level testing to optimize that immune.

BEAUTY | SWITCH2PURE launches our Wellness Program, an efficient and practical program to help optimize your health and immune system.  Through our certified nutritionist, advanced level testing and years of expertise, we can help guide you thru a complete functional nutrition transformation. We call it health-off-the shelf because we wanted this process to be as easy as it should be and affordable.

We have seen great success stories so far.... reduction in clinical therapies, loss in weight, clearer skin, sleeping improvement and so much more!  This Functional process is the reason behind founding Switch2Pure (finding the root cause of inflammation). Our Wellness program run by a licensed nutritionist, holistic dietician, CNC, CHN. She takes her advanced degrees in nutrition and provides easy access to labs and BETTER HEALTH NOW. What the labs do is help her optimize your customized plan of food, nutrition, and vitamins. Truly personalized lifestyle recs just for you!


Switch2Pure uses the principles of Functional Nutrition to identify sensitivities and deficiencies. Once determined, we recommend food as medicine, supplementation, and minor lifestyle changes in an effort to clean up your routines, optimize your health and immune system.


CLICK HERE to complete intake and privacy forms, add the product to your cart and checkout.  Once payment is received, **Our Wellness Director and Functional Nutritionist** will review your forms. You will be provided information to set up a mobile lab tech to complete your blood draw (which includes 2 lab reviews):  The Inflammatory Food Panel and the Nutrient Deficiency Test). *Should our Wellness Coordinator suspect you have additional issues, she will reach out and may make additional lab recommendations. Your first private consultation will be scheduled about 4-5 weeks from completing the labs. You will have one additional private follow up visit approximately 2 weeks later.  Other group classes, framed around nutrition, meditation, skincare and beauty, and of course, unlimited email communication.   


Because optimizing your health and getting your glow is more than just a good idea! Each of us has unique genetic backgrounds, different sensitivities, and complicated microbiomes. A one-size fit all approach doesn’t work! We all want to be healthier, but most of us haven’t figured out just how to make food, our daily diet, and vitamin intake work for us. Functional Medicine, Wellness Director offers the concepts, strategies, and tools to make that happen so you can get GLOWING!


MRT (Mediator Release Test): A complete food sensitivity panel that shows your inflammatory response to 170 different foods. MNT (Micronutrient Deficiency Panel):  A Micronutrient test that screens for deficiencies of 31 vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites – and how they affect cellular function in a person. Stool Assessment: A DNA based stool assessment to identify the presence of opportunistic pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast, etc) that would lead to digestive imbalance. Cardiometabolic Panel: A comprehensive metabolic panel that measures three main components: Glycemic Control, Lipid Profile, and Vascular Inflammation. 


Meet with our Functional nutritionist once (Wellness Now), twice + unlimited Emails (Wellness VIP) or hourly for $175 to create the perfect plan for YOU! Virtual and in person wellness consults $175/hr with most consults last 1-2 hours where we access, guide, and interpret your intake form and labs with a functional and holistic approach. Leave with more energy, an optimized immune, balance. Our certified functional nutritionist can access blood work to get a true assessment of the inner workings of your body and how the ecosystem can be optimized.


"These tests and changing my diet and using real vitamins is what really helped me get my life and energy back after being taken down by Lyme disease and Celiac!" 


“I feel amazing!  I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for you and the Wellness program you’ve built!  Thank you!”  Julie D. 

“I think the best use of our money is to spend on health!  I went in to do Wellness VIP with my husband who had some obvious gut issues.  I was the picture of health.  It turns out I had bigger issues to address.  My brain fog, energy issues and auto-immune looming would have never been unearthed without the lab work Switch2Pure was able to perform.  Thank you! ” Lynn O. 


Email us at or call us at 713.357.7773


  • 2 Private consults and custom vitamin recs based on your lab results.
  • Unlimited access via email to our wellness director and custom vitamin plans for 12 months
  • 4 Group sessions
  • 2 Individualized labs $675 + Lab fees
  • DISCOUNT on additional testing & consults for up to 12 months


  • 1 Private consult and custom vitamin recs based on your lab result
  • Unlimited access via email to our wellness director and custom vitamin plans for 12 months
  • 4 Group sessions1 Individualized lab $375 + Lab fees
  • DISCOUNT on additional testing & consults for up to 12 months
  • 5 Group consults with 1 group session based on your food sensitivities Customized vitamins + food recs for you for one year
  • Unlimited communication via email
  • $200 + Lab fees DISCOUNT for additional testing & consults for 12 months


  • 45-minute private vitamin + lifestyle consultation with our Certified Nutritionist Personalized vitamin ordering based on lifestyle indicators
  • $175 per hour for general counseling, lab, and vitamin analysis Pay-as-you-go program 

NOTE* This is not a medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. It does not have FDA approval. These statements are not intended to be medical advice. Seek medical attention by your physician to see what therapies are right for you. Ask your doctor about your specific concerns. Although our statements are based in opinion, on research and in facts, everyone’s unique situation is different and this advice should not be considered individualized advice specifically to you. Of course, like anything, please use your best judgment.

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