Switch2Pure 14-day Detox in a Box (twice daily packets)

  • Switch2Pure 14-day Detox in a Box (twice daily packets)
  • Switch2Pure 14-day Detox in a Box (twice daily packets)
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TRUTH | Adopting a wellness routine can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure of where to start or who to trust – especially with the rise of social media influencers being paid to promote various products. 

BEAUTY | This Detox in a Box is an all-encompassing, medical-grade kit is far better than your favorite juice cleanse (loaded with sugar and lacking real lifestyle changes). Without medical-grade supplements based in foods like nutraceuticals to support the liver and detox processes, your detox cleanse is just another cleanse because they only activate Phase I detox, but it isn’t activating Phase II which expels the toxins in the body.  Detox in a Box is medical based detox and helps Phase I and Phase II detoxification, plus because you are supporting your system, the cravings are less common.  LET'S GLOW!


Switch2Pure’s Detox in a Box offers everything your body requires to get rid of toxins and lose inflammation in just 14 days. Plus, we made this detox as easy as possible so you would weave into your busy daily routine.  How is that for GLOW ON THE GO! 


Detox in a Box is a comprehensive, science-based nutritional program we designed to support safe and effective detoxification (Phase 1 and Phase 2). Everything you need is consolidated into packets to make the program easy to follow and to ensure that you don’t miss any necessary nutrients.  2 smoothies a day, a few nutraceuticals and a whole food lunch and you are on your way to the best 14 day detox! 


"These have been flying off the shelves since COVID/the stay at home order has happened. We are so happy that people have really started to make their health a priority and there's no better way to start that than with our 14-day Detox in a Box! Detox in a Box is my go-to 2/year.  It is all the flushing my system needs to stay optimized and ready to take on any new change of season.  I lose so much inflammation and my gut is always so happy!"

Head to our BLOG to learn about Detoxing the Effective Way!


  • AM + PM Take one drink mix packet combined with 8 oz. of water, or unsweetened nut milk in a blender or shaker bottle and drink recommended.  Adding limited fruit and rich vegetables is a great way to beef up the smoothy.  
  • Lunch - Eat a whole food lunch rich with vegetables and protein.  
  • Drink plenty of water (at least half your weight in water or up to 100 ounces per day).  Lemon water is even better it acts as a detoxifying agent and helps in cleaning the liver leading to better digestive health.  It also helps maintain the bodies pH.  
  • Get outside - Gentle exercise to get the body moving.  
  • Selfcare - Take 5-15 minutes to meditate a day (there are many guided meditation apps if you are unfamiliar with the practice) use a chakra spay or Yoga in a Cup to help enhance the Zen moment.  Help eliminate toxins with a detoxifying foot soak. Aid your bodies detoxifying pathway by getting lymphatic drainage with a body brush.  Get some good sleep.  Need help getting Zzzzz.  Try this lovely Sleeping Beauty spray.


Protein + Detox Powder | These single serving drink mix packets are a truly superior functional food powder designed to support healthy detoxification. 

  • Each serving provides 17 grams of protein to help maintain muscle during your detoxification program, and to fuel the liver enzyme systems that drive the detoxification process. This easy-to-digest protein comes from non-GMO, North American grown yellow peas, providing an excellent array of amino acids including healthy levels of the important BCAAs (branched chain amino acids).
  • Protein + Detox Powder contains quality macronutrients to fuel detoxification pathways, a full multivitamin/mineral for detoxification enzyme support, the nutrients needed to support and balance Phase I and Phase II metabolic pathways and high levels of antioxidant support for safe detoxification. This formula also contains fiber to support intestinal cleansing and a comprehensive array of herbs to promote optimal liver function.
  • Protein + Detox Powder has a pleasant berry-vanilla flavor, a wonderful, smooth texture that mixes easily. It does not contain dairy, gluten or lactose and is sweetened with the natural herb stevia.

Capsule Packet Contains:

  • Amino Acids (Three capsules per packet) | This formulation is designed to support effective Phase II liver detoxification which is essential to prevent the production of intermediate metabolites that could cause symptoms or sensitivity reactions during a detoxification program. Providing nutritional support for Phase II detoxification helps conjugate toxins and prepare them for safe elimination from the body. This added support is one of the reasons why people feel so great on the Detox in a Box.
  • Break it Down – Digestive Enzymes (One capsule per packet) | Proprietary blend of protease enzymes that helps support efficient digestion and absorption of the protein found in Protein + Detox Powder.


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