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Truth + Beauty

For teens and tweens, clear skin can be a daily battle. This ready-to-go kit will clean up and keep the oilies at bay- without the harsh ingredients that can aggravate acne and flare up sensitive skin. These products set up teens + tweens with safe skincare habits that they can carry with them for life. We wish we had this as teens! PINK Is for girls and contains 9 products (see full description below), BLUE is for boys and contains 6 items.

TRUTH | Young skin is even more susceptible to the health-harming preservatives and harsh acne fighters that disrupt skin’s natural balance. 

BEAUTY | When oily skin strikes, it makes no sense to attack it with overdrying ingredients. These kits are chock full of healthy beauty basics that will restore balance and get teen skin glowing, safely. 


For the little ladies: organic foaming facial soap, organic facial oil, organic spot treatment acne relief, coffee and sugar face scrub, organic lip balm, Switch2Pure's very own sensitive formula - probiotic and magnesium based deodorant, a fun nail polish, organic minty toothpaste, and a fun colored lip gloss.

Our healthy lineup for mini men: essential oil infused body wash, organic spot treatment acne relief, organic lip balm, organic minty toothpaste, probiotic and magnesium based deodorant, and eco bamboo toothbrush.

***With all kits we want to make sure you are getting the #latest and #greatest products, so with changing brands and inventory, we take the liberty to make swaps where we see best fit!!*** 

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Blue Kit
Blue Kit
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