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Matcha tea is the powdered form of green tea leaves.  Talk about a morning elixir! 100% of the nutrients of the green tea leaf are consumed when drinking matcha as nothing is lost in the steeping process.  There are more than a hundred times the antioxidants in Matcha tea than in regular green tea.  And, since we are all about efficiencies…we like the sound of that! This powerful super antioxidant (think super-sized cancer-fighting) drink is a great source of vitamin C, magnesium, and zinc to naturally calm the mind, detoxify the body, and enhance your mood. We love our Teami Organic Matcha Tea! 



The latest health movement has arrived and it comes in a form of a vibrant green tea powder called Matcha! The Matcha Tea is an Organic, USDA Certified Japanese green tea powder that has endless list of health benefits....   Adding Matcha into your daily routine is as simple as drinking a cup of tea in the morning! (You can even make delicious and gorgeous Matcha Lattes- check our recipes coming soon!) You will be surprised to see and feel the difference in your body from just 1 cup of Matcha daily!

Organic USDA Matcha Green Tea powder.

Hints + Tips

Using our organic bamboo whisk is the most traditional way to make matcha, or even matcha lattes. Use the whisk in a quick side-to-side motion in order to bring out all of the delicious flavor and nutrients out of the Matcha! Matcha Mi is a green tea and does contain natural plant based caffeine.

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