Sun Potion Ashitaba


Truth + Beauty

Truth | Ashitaba is a traditional Japanese healing food, mainly consumed for it's link to beauty and longevity.

Beauty | UH, Hello! This rich source of Vitamin B also serves as a tonic in resurfacing skin and a digestive track aid. Hello GLOW! 


Key Benefits:

Beauty + Longevity


Nervous System

Rich source of B Vitamins


Good for digestion

Detox support


        Ashitaba is a member of the angelica family~ renown for its lineage as a potent anti-aging Japanese Folk and Oriental Medicine. It is an incredibly resilient plant native to the coastline of Japan has been affectionately named “Tomorrow’s Leaf” because it will replenish its leaves with all new growth within 24 hours of harvest. We appreciate this leafy plant today because it provides a whole-food source of B vitamins, a rare find in terrestrial plants! It is also being actively studied for a compound it contains called “chalcones” which stimulate Nerve Growth Hormone, a key leader in the science of longevity! 


        Wild Angelica Keiseki leaf & stem

        Hints + Tips

        Mix 2 grams in Liquid of Choice. Makes an excellent addition to Tea, Lattes, Smoothies, Potions, Salads, Miso Soups, and Raw Chocolate!

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