Nurture Your Nest Kit


Truth + Beauty

Calling all #CleanFreaks. Do you love a squeaky-clean home? BUT, hate the stinky chemicals?  

TRUTH | Things like quaternary ammonium compounds, or "quats"  can be found in everyday cleaning products.  In recent news, they have been linked to reproductive and birth defects in mice. Environmental scientists are keeping a close eye on what low dose, daily exposure to these and other harsh compounds can do to us.

BEAUTY| We have hand-selected a PURE + CLEAN + NATURAL home cleaning kit with you and your family in mind. Get the squeaky-clean look and feel from effective products without the harsh and scary chemicals. No ammonium compounds in our house! Now that's nurturing your nest! 


8 PURE + NATURAL HOME PRODUCTS: All purpose cleaning paste (wonder paste that does it all), baking soda infused and powerfully acting laundry detergent, hard working stain stick, plant based dish soap, bright all purpose cleaner, essential oi infused floor cleaner (safe for everyone to walk barefoot on), simple \ non stinky glass cleaner, and a hard working bathroom cleaner

***With all kits we want to make sure you are getting the #latest and #greatest products, so with changing brands and inventory, we take the liberty to make swaps where we see best fit!!***

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