BuggyLove Organic Stroller & Car seat Freshener Mist


Truth + Beauty

100% Natural the way LOVE should be! S2P loves Buggy Love's Organic Stroller and Car seat Mist. Made with babies in mind, Buggy Love's products are free from common household cleaners' most toxic nasties! Think DEA, TEA, APEs, Nitrites. Safer for your most precious cargo!


Make life a little sweeter. Say good-bye to those funky smells left behind by your little one. Now you can safely, effectively and organically neutralize unpleasant scents on any type of stroller and car seat fabrics.


Water, Organic blend of natural Lemongrass and Saponified Coconut Essential oils, Organic Olive and Jojoba, Rosemary Extract, and Organic Aloe Vera.

Hints + Tips

Shake well. Hold bottle 2” -3” away from fabric area that smells questionable. Spray generously.

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