The Wellness Kit


Truth + Beauty

Are you looking to #MakeTheSwitch to all natural + pure products? We are here to help you make THE easiest transition! This starter-line of kits offers clean alternatives to the everyday essentials that seem too difficult to replace.


TRUTH | Our skin is the first line of defense we have against chemicals and toxins that are found in a lot of everyday products. 

BEAUTY | We've compiled a kit full of SAFE + CLEAN products that will have you glowing from the inside out, and keeping your endocrine system healthy and thriving.

Ingredients: natural bamboo facial cleansing oil cloths, natural bar soap, organic body cleanser, all natural deodorant, organic foaming facial cleanser, and a powerful nontoxic facial oil.

***With all kits we want to make sure you are getting the #latest and #greatest products, so with changing brands and inventory, we take the liberty to make swaps where we see best fit!!***

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