The Art of Letting Go | Insight from Estela

By Estela Cockrell

The Art of Letting Go | Insight from Estela

Letting Go & Letting Good (People, Moments, & Wellness In!)


When you have experienced what it's like to be in pain, to be sick, or to not be able to lead the life you choose: your sense of priorities are completely emboldened. It is with these new sets (of not-so rosy glasses) that your focus becomes narrowed (in a good way). You see the world, your possibilities, and why time is truly of the essence. Your sense of "making your mark" isn't just an idea anymore. It becomes a full-on mission.

Over the years through autoimmune, allergies, fatigue, surgeries and so much more, some of the most valuable lessons I have learned, contribute to the "art of letting go". Really what I am talking about is letting go of the day-to-day, unimportant non-sense. The petty, the trite, the boring, the busy-banter. The bullshit, that doesn't serve me, or you, your family, your tribe, my tribe, or anyone. When we let these things go, we give space to the things that really, really matter! We are able to focus and not be "too busy" so that we are able to put our energy into a greater purpose and the people you truly love. For me, that is my family, my health, and my new bebe, tribe, and purists at Switch2Pure.


I am so proud to look back on a fun-filled POP UP year, connecting with purists around the country, evolving, growing, learning, and collaborating with so many amazing women around the globe!  Sharing the message that clean beauty is a way of life.

I am even more proud today of our "why", than, I was when we first wrote it, last year:

The thrill of discovery. The confidence of clean.

At Switch2Pure, we believe that clean beauty doesn’t need to be complicated. We take the guesswork out of switching to safer, with kits and collections that put pure-yet-powerful skincare and beauty products into your hands and home. We pore over every label, obsess over every ingredient and test every product—so you don’t have to. Then we send you tried-and-true products based on your own wants and needs, so you can discover your new toxin-free favorites—and clean up your skincare regimen for good.

My Suggestions Today and Every Day:


1) BE THANKFUL.  Wake up each day and spend 1 minute with a short thankful praise, meditation (unless you are super late, then just do that in the car on your way to the office | wink wink!).  Thankful you can walk, or have the energy to drive your children to school, or to go to work and slay.  — Just. Be. Thankful! 

2) FIND PEACE with exactly who and what you are.  Sit in it.  Live in it. Rejoice in it. Be prideful in your appearance, talents, flaws and cut the worrying (we are ALL running out of time).

3) FIND YOUR VOICE and use it.  Speak YOUR darn truth every single day. Period. No excuses.  We have one shot.  Speak up.  Whether that is to advocate, to love, to support or to cry out.  To share, to suggest or just to be kind.  Use your voice!

4) FIND YOUR PURISTS.  Find out who is behind you in every sense of the word.  Find out who is capable of loving themselves because then they have room to love you too.  Nurture those relationships.  

5) BE WHO AND WHAT YOU WANT. Not what they wanted, or he wants, or she suggested...but be YOU, for you.  Because back to that "we only have a short life to live" thing.  And, nothing will fill you up more than doing it for this reason! 

+ Bonus: Unfollow any/every account on Instagram that makes you feel the need to be someone else (in a shameful or bad way).  Take a detoxifying bath.  Crystal roll.  Use essential oil sprays like our Smudge Spray or Chakra Spray to clear the space and meditate.  It's time to put up those peace signs & get living!