Purely Perfect Gift Guide....For Yourself or That Extra Special #Purist

By Estela Cockrell

Purely Perfect Gift Guide....For Yourself or That Extra Special #Purist

Immune Boost –  Need a gift for that special friend with the most delicate of immune systems?  Is she feeling sluggish? Battling yet another epic cold? Or maybe she’s coping with an autoimmune disorder diagnosis (she always knew she was 1 in 50 million, but this wasn't exactly what she had in mind).  Reach for this collection of 10 safer switches that will spare her sensitive system from more wear and tear. Her immune system can thank you later! 


Glam Squad – Psssst, Glamour Girl…..We all have that amazingly fabulous friend who only like the “Best of the Best”.  We can relate!  Get that Glamour Girl her very own Glam Squad Kit with 12 beauty and skincare products.  We believe that luxury shouldn’t come with a health-harming price and this kit is exactly that.  All of the glamour, none of the yuck! 


Better Beauty-  Well, hello there natural beauty!  This is the perfect kit for that effortless natural beauty in your life.  She doesn’t won’t have to sacrifice luxury or trend with this kit of 11 beauty and skincare products.   We believe beauty can be better. It should be easy. It must be fun.


Detox in a Box –  We know for sure when you feel radiant it shows.  Feeling the need to purify inside and out?  This Detox in a Box Kit has the best selection of 12 detoxifying and purifying skincare and wellness products. You will feel lighter, refreshed, and ready to take on 2018 with your best glow.


The Delicate Gal – Eczema, sensitive, reactive or dry skin?  We know, it isn’t fun.  These 10 ultra nourishing and moisturizing skincare products are just the treat your skin needs.  They are gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin.  They also pack a powerful punch (think seaweed, botanicals and more)!  Talk about the most soothing gift of the holidays!      


The Studio – Love to hit a spin class, yoga, Pilates, or circuit train?  This kit with just 4 powerful items that will have you relaxing and keeping fresh. Magnesium to calm the muscles, seaweed detox bath, and the most refreshing cleansing wipes to keep clean.  


The Natural – Want to start fresh?  Take it back to the basics, naturally?  This kit has 6 pure + clean items and makes the perfect shortcut to safer!