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Because Eczema Isn’t Cute

Because Eczema Isn’t Cute (and two other good reasons to make the switch)

We know, we know. You have enough to do without totally disrupting your skin and home care routines. Here are three reasons you need to do it anyway—approximately right now:

  1. Your skin is like a big, thirsty sponge. As in, almost everything you put on it goes in you—up to 60 percent of lotions and potions just sink right in. You watch what you eat—shouldn’t it also matter what gets absorbed from the outside?
  2. You can’t find parabens in Paris—so why are they in Philly? The EU has banned 1,300 ingredients (parabens included) from personal care and home products. The U.S.? A paltry 11. Repeated, low-dose exposure to these chemicals can cause asthma and eczema—and even worse, cancer and cognitive disorders. None of which make your skin look better.
  3. The average newborn arrives with 287 chemicals in her umbilical cord blood(and you don’t need to be pregnant to care). Need we say more? Everyone should worry that this many toxins course through our veins with unknown effects—and mamas even more so.

The FDA may not ban formaldehyde from shampoo or phthalates from face wash—but we can (and we do). Now that you have your why, we have what you need to clean up your beauty routine.