Marcia Smart - Recipe Developer, Food Blogger, Mom | Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

Marcia Smart - Recipe Developer, Food Blogger, Mom | Switch2Pure


Favorite season staple beauty, skincare, home?

I am loving so many of the s2p products – my favorite so far is the mascara and eye liner. I have sensitive eyes and most of the products I had used in the past made my eyes red and itchy… Also love the foaming face wash, elixir oil and the coconut body oil. I’m a cooking teacher, so I don’t always put on a ton of makeup for a regular “day on the job.” But clean skin, a swipe of mascara and some lip gloss and I’m good to go.


Fave trend setter blogger to follow?

The trends I follow are food trends! Lol. There are so many amazing food bloggers out there I would recommend following, if you don’t already. @pamelasalzman, @realfoodscout and @momskitchenhandbook are some of my favorite food bloggers and friends that are real, healthy and fun to follow.


Favorite fashion statement this season?

Wide-legged pants and high-wasted jeans. Love anything comfy!


Fave vacation spot for that season?

Sun Valley, Idaho, is my happy place. Quiet, beautiful and rejuvenating.


Fave kit?

Immune Boost Kit


Fave health and wellness tip:

Eat whole foods! Everyone should care about not only what goes on, but what goes in their body. Whole foods, organics when possible… As Michael Pollen said, “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”


Why you switched?

I have Hashimoto’s and low thyroid, so I’m trying to be more careful about my endocrine system and hormone disruptors. I don’t want to add any more chemicals and toxins to my system than it already has. Eating clean, exercising and using non-toxic products are some of the things I can control for my overall health, so why not?