Cristina Cuomo, Editor & Chief of the Purist Online Magazine | Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

Cristina Cuomo, Editor & Chief of the Purist Online Magazine | Switch2Pure

The founder of the new Magazine and fellow purist....Cuomo is at the center of wellness and all things pure. “Wellness is the new luxury,” said Cuomo. After rolling out three issues, Hamptons Purist will jump to the ski town of Aspen, Colo., when, by Thanksgiving, an Aspen Purist winter edition will hit the stands.*  She is bringing brands and people together with wellness at the center.

“We make choices every day in style, culture, design, fitness and food — and wellness is at the center of them all,” said Cuomo, explaining her new editorial mission. “Wellness is no longer an indulgence — it’s a way of life — and good health is our principal asset,” she said.

What she said, when we asked her to be our #naturalbeauty! 

Why I made the switch? 

Most skincare has chemicals that over time attribute to illness. So, why bother with the toxic ones when it's so simple to switch! With three kids, i am thinking about their health care future, and what you put on your scalp, face, body should be as important as what you put in your mouth!!

Fav Season Staples:

Skincare: My skin loves to drink in all natural oils which i love to massage in with my Skingym crystal roller which smooths out lines, stimulates lymphatic drainage alleviates toxins.

Home: S2p's Nurture your Nest home-care kit packed with products without chemicals and harsh cancer-causing compounds like baking soda infused laundry detergent and plant based dish soap, and essential oil infused floor cleaner that you feel good about when you watch your child sliding across the floor on.

Fave Kit: Teenagers love product, plain and simple. But they don't necessarily care about what's in them making their pimples disappear overnight. My favorite kit is The Teen Gone Clean Kit which has the fun and beautiful packaging they admire, while offering the things they need like non-toxic deodorant and biodegradable toothbrushes. Practicing good habits early on will lead to seamless choices as an adult and that's my goal with the kids.

Fav Vacay Spot: My favorite vacation spot is Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic. It's a family resort i grew up visiting, and now take my family there. It's got everything--yoga, boot camp classes, surfing, tennis, world-class golf, delicious food, beautiful beaches and a historic village.

Fav Health & Wellness Tip: You are what you eat. That goes for skin as the biggest organ it needs the same amount of care.

Fav Fashion Statement: My Brunello Cucinelli black leather pants and a Veronica Beard blouse.

Fav Bloggers: Samira Kazan--a London-based food blogger @alphafoodie. She inspired the @thepurist visuals and concept and offers the best in visually stimulating healthy smoothies.