Claire Cormier Thielke

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Claire Cormier Thielke

Fave season staple beauty, skincare, home?   Every season is training season for me -  I love to use recovery spray after a long training day. 

Fave trend setter blogger to follow?   I don't follow any fashion or trend blogs, but I'll say that optimizing your own output is always on trend. As such, Tim Ferriss' blog, filled with great life hacks and advice on how to maximize your time and ability to learn new things is a great follow.

Fave fashion statement this season?  Shoulder pads...Are they back? Well, I hope so because all of my favorite work suits are linebacker central. I can't help myself, I just love them! 

Fave vacation spot for that season?  This time of year, I spend time in New York, Boston, LA, San Francisco, and London so every morning that I get to squeeze a long run in before my day starts is a mini vacation! I try to be sure to see the best of each city for its given season so this means mixing up runs along trails by the water with window-shopping miles down the high streets. 

Fave Kit? Go For The Glow

Fave health and wellness tip:  Always find new ways to test yourself and push your limits. Every year, I do at least one thing that reminds me that most things that seem impossible are in fact merely improbable. This year it was running a marathon on Mount Everest. It was a strengthening experience both mentally and physically and keeps me energized until I find the next big thing!

Why you switched? I want to do the best I can by my body so it can do best by me

Fave S2P products?

Au Naturale On Point Lip Stain

Le White Cap Ferrat

Bain de Pied

Eco Modern Recovery Magnesium Spray