Cassandra Salemme, Lifestyle Photog, Mama, & Home Designs

By Jeanie Pham

Cassandra Salemme, Lifestyle Photog, Mama, & Home Designs

This Connecticut mom knows best when it comes to snuggles, the right frame, and keeping this pure and simple. She keeps her soul as bright as her photos.

Cassie's recs for your next Fall Connecticut, "The Litchfield Hills are beautiful this time of year! It's a gorgeous drive through farms and to see the leaves changing colors. We have a lot of fairs this time of year, and pumpkin and apple picking. There are a ton of unique little bed and breakfast spots in the area that are great to travel to when visiting!"

We sat down with Cassie to find out her pure faves and here's what she's loving.

Favorite season staples?

- Sunscreen, bronzer, and mascara (obsessed!) My daily routine!!

Favorite Switch2Pure kit?

Mama Knows Best! It is literally everything a hard working Mom needs! 🙂

Favorite vacation spot?

- Block Island! We love the beaches and taking bike rides around the island. With or without the kids, it's always a great time!

Favorite health and wellness tip?

- Take off any makeup before bed. I always keep make up wipes (like Juicy Bamboo!) on my nightstand, just in case I forget!

Favorite fashion statement?

- Have a few staple items in your closet that go with everything! Simple, basic colors that won't go out of style over time.

What's in my bag?

- Sunnies, Mascara, lip gloss, baby wipes, diapers, and snacks... always enough snacks for my little girls.


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