Brittany Van Domelen, Mother of 2, Yoga Queen | Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

Brittany Van Domelen, Mother of 2, Yoga Queen | Switch2Pure

Brittany Van Domelen

FAVE season staple beauty skin care home product:

HoneyBelle Lip Balm - this is never not on my lips, especially in Aspen where it is cold and dry!

Fave fashion statement this year:

Burgundy and Marigold anything. I’m usually a black, white and grey gal - but I was totally into these two fall colors.

 Fave health and wellness tip:

Do something active every day. For me, the endorphins are essential to my daily life.

 Fave S2P product:

I just ordered the Nurture your Nest kit and for the first time I can’t wait to clean my house! I love that you get everything you need in one click.

 Why I switched:

I am a research freak when it comes to nutrition + fitness, but not so much when it comes to product. It takes a lot of time to go through ingredients and there are so many hidden dangers, it scares me! I switched because S2P does the research for me!  I can go online and trust them 100%

 Fave vacay spot:

I spent time at Como Shambala in Ubud, Bali two years ago and I am dying to go back. Usually I come back from vacation feeling like I’ve indulged a little too much but this time, I came back home feeling better than ever. I walked in the door and Como Shambala catered all activities and meals to my food allergies and how I was feeling mentally and physically at that time!

FAVE Blogger/Trendsetter:

I'm a such fan of Kate Hudson! Her inner beauty follows her outer beauty. I love what she is doing with Fabletics. Most of all, she preaches happiness and giving back and that inspires me.