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Blakely Giordano, Mom, Advocate, Masterfully Creative

Mama to two, small business owner (@MediaByBG) and mental illness advocate operates at one speed: BUSY!!
When she's not shooting photos and writing copy for #TeamSwitch, she's chasing toddlers and working on advocating for awareness of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. After her OCD diagnosis, she became keenly aware of how much self care effects the body... and the mind.
Why She Made The Switch:
"It dawned on me that I'd not taken very good care of myself, and while I thought that was a worthwhile sacrifice for my family, it just wasn't sustainable long term. Now, self-care looks like throwing on a hydrating mask while I catch up on work. I'm certainly not taking any spa days, but I'm telling myself that I deserve some care. I've now switched the whole family to non-toxic products, and they're a hit with the kids too!" 
Fave Season Staples
Beauty: Great skin is always in season, and the aroma peel is hands down the best product S2P sells. I also love a fresh pastel mani - chipped nails are a big faux pas for me. My whole life can be a mess, but you know I'll have my nails on point. Summer in Provence is one of my favorites - its periwinkle, but almost feels like a neutral!
Style: I've become much more confident in my style. I recently tinted my hair rose gold and started wearing big, bold earrings. I'm dying for these sparkly wedges from Zara - aren't they such a fun shoe?! My theme for spring is taking risks, in my life and in my closet. 
Favorite Kit:
The Delicate Gal is a dry skin sufferer's dream. I've had eczema my entire life, and have always struggled to find products that were truly effective long term. Estela (from s2p) took the time to talk me through what would be best for my skin, and most of my favorite products are in The Delicate. Aromatic Algae Extract sounded bizarre to me at first, and after trying it for myself, I'll never go without it again. Its healing properties are so intense. Oh, and the Coconut Body Oil? I could go on and on...
Favorite Vacay Spot:
Paris. Always Paris. The fashion is insane and the romance is palpable. I'm dying to go with my husband - it's my dream to have my coffee with him on a Parisian balcony. One day....
Favorite Health + Wellness Tip:
I positively hate meditating - I'm too Type A to sit still -  but have recently made Mindfulness Meditation an everyday ritual. After being diagnosed with OCD, I realized how much of the human experience is trying to push away feelings and thoughts. I mean, who wants to experience uncomfortable feelings? Mindfulness teaches you to experience life from a position of acceptance. Essentially, those who learn to mindfully experience bad feelings suffer less than those who resist them. It's a really difficult skill, but I've seen it make a big difference in my recovery, so I'm going to keep working on it.
Favorite Fashion Statement:
A bold earring. It can make a Little Black Dress a fierce outfit and can dress up a t-shirt and jeans. When in doubt, pick a bold earring. 
What's in my bag?
The Kosmatology Lotion Bar (I get dry on-the-go, and sometimes even use it as chapstick and perfume... it smells delish!), baby wipes, a notepad (for when Estela calls with an idea!), and my camera.