Lil Love Letter, Goodbye to 2020

Lil Love Letter, Goodbye to 2020

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Dec 24th 2020

Bye to 2020 and HELLO to new, pure everything! 

I wanted to take a minute and write you, our purists, wishing you a 2021 that only the hurt, fear, anxiety 2020 could have created. I sit here as 2020 wraps (thank God!), and I can’t help but think, I am grateful. Grateful for a fresh start, thankful for the vaccine, blessed to have a small business this is in fact still standing.


  • 1 full time Latina founder giving it her all every. single. day
  • 17,000 Switch2Pure formulated items sold
  • 150,000 site visits made
  • 100,000 email campaigns perused
  • 15,000 IG followers and over 2500 a week engaged in our content
  • 250 days the Wellery is open
  • 1000 services performed
  • 2300 Nutraceuticals sold
  • 15 Bday | parties complete
  • 2 Unique Facial machines from Europe
  • 1 Powerful Ozone Sauna unique to Houston
  • 2 Acclaimed Estheticians with over 30 years experience
  • 4 full time jobs created for diverse Team Switch members
  • 3 part time jobs created for diverse Team Switch members
  • 4 freelancers used in 2020
  • 5 interns trained
  • USA grown CBD
  • USA manufacturing in small batches
  • 5 health, wellness, women, children’s charities donated to
  • 0 animal products used
  • 0 toxic ingredients
  • 0 cancer causing formulas
  • 0 bad-vibes
  • 0 negative energy

When I started this journey of Switch2Pure, I didn't know what it might bring or who it might help, but I knew with a burning desire that I was on a mission. When I opened our Wellery in the heart of Houston as an extension of our brand, I had no idea this small virus could shut us down just three weeks later. I had a choice then, and frankly a choice every day and I choose to show up! I choose to be there for the cancer fighters, for the clean freaks who understand the importance of living with clean ingredients as much as organic food, for the moms of pubescent teens who all want beauty and need the clean stuff and positive self image reinforcement. I choose YOU, even when it’s hard and it seems this entire journey may be a joke on me. I stand, look around and realize how much we have done together, Team Switch, me and YOU. 

We have a tribe of over 10,000 purists. We have a new Wellery and as a physical extension of our brand has served hundreds of Houstonians (and people from Woodlands, Austin, Aspen, Boulder, San Antonio) to name a few traveling Wellery visitors. We have 22 products we produce in small batches and with so much heart and soul it hurts. We have 4 new products launching and pre order starts soon (lip balm, body wash and body oil). The body konjac has already arrived! Our online presence continues to grow and with as much chatter as there is out there, I am so proud!

I listen to Brene Brown sometimes and I love when she said, “sometimes the bravest, the most important thing you can do is show up!” I think for 2021, I will continue to show up and leave the pre-virus hurried lifestyle, the panic when I don't have answers, and embrace the new 2021 way: It’s will happen when it’s meant to, trust it, sometimes the point is to just be there and not to fix it, take time for yourself and your family. Don’t miss one second because it will be gone before you know.

2020 Awards:

Best Serum: Be Glowy

Best Moisturizer: Well & Glow

Best SPF: Suntegrity

Best Exfoliator: Heart Konjac

Best Cleanse: Drop itDetox Packets

Best for Dry Skin: Super ooo-Omegas

Best for Teens: Avarelle Acne Patches

Best Makeup Brand: Lily Lolo

Best Mascara: Lashfood

Best Lipstick: Saint

Best Facial: Notox

Best Body Treatment: Ozone Sauna

So cheers to wishing you more of this in 2021:

1) More healthy recipes, focusing on your health, detoxes (body, hair, arm pits) and days filled with exercise and nutraceuticals.

2) More “socializing” with valuable people who you are truly engaged with and make you better,

3) More GLOW only our skincare can provide,

4) More family dinners with real conversations,

5) More selfcare Sundays filled with organic sheet masks, and crystal rolling,

6) More self awareness, acknowledgment that you are not only enough but exactly where you need to be.

7) More Bath Bombs and quiet time,

8) More braveness by simply showing up,

9) More Taking time to acknowledge what you have accomplished

10) More Be GlowyWell Glow and Gua Sha at bedtime for skin (your best accessory) you are proud of!

And, quite frankly, less of this in 2021:

1) Less self induced pressure,

2) Less toxic, mass produced skincare and makeup,

3) Less relationships that don’t serve you,

4) Less store-bought vitamins and collagen

5) Less excuses, more “getting in the game”

6) Less social media, less digital, less selfies (see #4 above),

7) Less facials that aren't holistic with natural ingredients and modalities, more by Switch2Pure at the Wellery,

8) Less self critique,

9) Less salon mani-pedis, at home #nontoxicnails

10) Less. Time. Wasted. On. Stuff. That. Doesn’t. Matter.

XXOO Estela 

Our Mission

We formulate pure, non-toxic performance-based skincare rooted in powerful natural and organic ingredients. We also curate nontoxic skincare and clean beauty too! Every product we formulate is clean and pure and meets our Pure Promise standards.

At Switch2Pure, we believe that clean beauty doesn’t need to be complicated and PURE performance-based skincare should be more than a good idea. The Switch2Pure Collection was formulated with the most powerful and effective ingredients from beauty tools to facial and body skincare to help your anti-aging and glow game for good. We also curated the most luxurious and clean beauty products to complement our skincare line, known as Bespoke Beauty. We take the guesswork out of switching to safer, with pure-yet-powerful products from skincare to body care. We pore over every ingredient, obsess over every detail and formulate powerful, yet-totally effective products in small batches and in eco-conscious packaging. At our Wellery, we take health and wellness seriously! We provide an immersive experience offering wellness and nutritional consults both digitally and in person alongside our ozone sauna and facial treatments all in one unique location. No more compromises. No more scary chemicals. No more excuses. Just, THE PURE TRUTH!