Achieve + Extend the Perfect Tan

Achieve + Extend the Perfect Tan

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Apr 5th 2021

Achieving the perfect tan can sometimes be tough. You want to get to the perfect color, def without looking orange! Not to worry that's SO EASY to do with our NATURAL SPRAY TANS! Did you know we offer CBD and highlighter toppers to even skin texture for the ultimate glow?!

Top Tips BEFORE your Spray:

Top Tips AFTER your Spray:

You will seal your tan in for days if you follow these tips!!

Prefer an at-home tan? 

Use these products:

All natural rays baby?!

Always always protect your skin when you are going to be outside! Shop SUN + TAN and use SPF! Head to our blog post to learn more about Sunscreen and how to Protect + Reverse!

SUN 101: Protect + Reverse