Teami Profit Tea

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TRUTH:| We can all use an immune booster right about now.  Profit is a blend of hand-picked, immune-boosting leaves that you can drink on a daily basis.

BEAUTY:| Healthy is beautiful!  Boost your immunity from the inside out with all natural and hand-picked ingredients like peppermint leaf, gogi berry, and protective roselle, a special type of hibiscus flower.  

30 servings per bag.

WHY WE LOVE IT:| Lightly caffeinated, we love to replace a morning cup of coffee with this immune booster - especially during cold and flu season!

INGREDIENTS:| Green Tea, Peppermint Leaf, Goji Berry, Chinese Red Date, Roselle, Nettle Leaf & Lingzhi Ganoderma

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:| Place 1 teaspoon of the blend in a mug or Teami Tumbler and add hot water! Allow 3-5 minutes to flavor.

PRO TIP:| Teami Tip! Our tea is already delicious, but you can always add honey, nectar or lemon as a natural sweeter if needed!

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