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TRUTH | The eye lashes and brows frame ones face. What we love our new and innovative brow lamination and lash lift is that it's EU Certified, vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, formaldehyde-free. This effective system allows us to get the perfect results.

BEAUTY | Looking for a more elongated look or emphasis on having curled lashes without having to manually curl them daily? Wait no longer! With a lash lift and tint experience the appearance of lashes becoming prominent, longer, thicker and darker! This is much less maintenance than lash extensions!

With brow lamination and potential tinting included, clients can expect a beautiful result with brows appearing fuller, on fleek and perfectly placed to frame the face.


A lash lift is the right treatment for women who want to spend less time in their morning routine, giving an extra boost to their lashes, but also maintaing a natural result! You will be amazed at how much a lash lift can brighten your eyes and face. What’s better than to wake up with beautiful lashes with the need for little-to-no mascara?!

Please review our FAQ Page for the Cancellation Policy.


This proprietary lifting process helps the feeling of moisturized and strong lashes/ brows. Results last the length of the natural brow/lash cycle (typically 6-8 weeks or longer). It will lift and with tinting darken your natural lashes/ brows to create a look for clients who want an effortless, bright eye and brow! 


"I love my lift! Now I can go anywhere without having to wear mascara! My skin is very sensitive, but I didn't experience any burning and my lashes look great!" - Catherine

"I've always seen brow lamanation and was interested in the process but never got it done. Was happy to see S2P have this service without the harsh chemicals! My brows are so perfect after the lamination process. I'm obsessed with the slick individual, yet fuller look, I don't think I can go back!" - Allie 


The laminating and setting process occurs while the lotions are brushed through the brow or lash hairs, to create a new shape and direction. As the bonds are softened and broken, they are mouldable and easily shape to the curvature or direction that is desired. 
During the chemical process of lifting and setting, the product also acts to boost moisture content, condition, nourishes, strengthens and relieves hair stress that can take place. The formula is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, meeting our Switch2Pure standards of course!
The results of a brow lamination can last for the duration of the natural brow growth cycle which can
be as much as 90 days or longer. The hairs will be treated so they can be groomed easily, however it
is important to note that eye brows will need to be brushed and styled each day to maintain the
brushed up effect if that is what the client desires.


We reserve the right to alter any treatment based on your unique skin.  Each person is different and can develop allergies, sensitivities, or reactions to any ingredient or treatment at any time, so we will consider your personal biome and make our best esthetics judgment calls and adjustments to ensure the best possible experience! 

This is not a medical treatment. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition. It does not have FDA approval. These statements are not intended to be medical advice. Seek medical attention by your physician to see what therapies are right for you. Ask your doctor about your specific concerns. Although our statements are based in opinion, on research and in facts, everyone’s unique situation is different and this advice should not be considered individualized advice specifically to you. Of course, like anything, please use your best judgment.

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