Why Rose Essential Oils | Switch2Pure

Why Rose Essential Oils | Switch2Pure

Posted by Estela Cockrell on Feb 23rd 2021

Rose are red, violets are blue....READ MORE about why roses are right for YOU!

Sure, you have heard the recent hype about roses, rose oil, and rose hips, but what’s the full story on their benefits and why you might be seeing more of this fleur de jur? The basics….Rose hips, an accessory fruit of the rose plant, are full of Vitamin C, which just happens to be inflammation's worst enemy.This wonder ingredient should be a part of every Purist's facial skincare regiment if anti-aging is your thing. Packed with fatty acids, rose hips help with signs of aging, pigmentation and hydration. Everyone, at any age, needs this! Rose essential oils are derived from steam distillation of the rosa damascena. Rose essential oils have long been used in body skincare products and are touted for its aids in fading scars and blemishes quickly (you can thank the antioxidant rose for this).

Bring on the roses! At, we have picked a few of our favorite rose products (think Rose Heart Konjac Sponge, S2P's Rose Quartz Crystal RollerRose Facial Mists to get you glowing, Honey Belle Clay Mask to clear the complexion, ToGo Spa for lip hydration, and lastly Molly Meditate Bath Salts filled with all the vitamins and healing power of the rose). So what are you waiting for….take time to smell the roses!!