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You go HIGH, I go GLOW

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$190.00 - $850.00




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TRUTH | Most facials are not designed to target pigmentation, impurities and uneven skin tone. They’re simply a deep cleansing treatment.


BEAUTY | Our hemp-infused facial is designed to even skin tone, balance and glow. At Switch2Pure our skincare gurus provide performance-based facial treatments including deep hydrodermabrasion, radio frequency, LED, needleless-mesotherapy, oxygen infusion and an anti-aging CBD mask. Your experience always begins with a complete skin analysis and recommendations. We have brought together powerful, organic and natural ingredients, derived from hemp, our experienced estheticians and internationally acclaimed machines that are often found at physician’s offices. You Go High, I Go GLOW Facial Treatment is our signature hemp-derived anti-aging treatment. This intense treatment is recommended for any age if skin impurities, acne, rosacea, fine lines and dull skin are your concerns! PRO TIP | Done in a series twice a month for 2 months and monthly thereafter you can expect to see a firmer skin tone and feel radiant. 


WHAT IT'S GOOD FOR | Concerned about hyperpigmentation, acne prone, fine lines and wrinkles? Want to achieve brighter, tighter and plumped skin? You Go High, I Go GLOW is for you! It’s the gold standard of ANTI-AGING + GLOW at Switch2Pure.


WHY WE LOVE IT | Expect to leave here with your skin refreshed, brightened and moisturized.  After 2-3 consecutive treatments you’ll notice how your skin impurities have changed! Come experience medical-grade treatments in the comfort of our Wellery at a fraction of the cost!


ESTELA’S PURE TRUTH | "When we created The Wellery we knew we wanted to offer the most state of the art treatments to our purists and clients. Becuase our performance based skincare line is rooted in powerful ingredients like hemp we knew being one of the first places to offer hemp infused facials was key. Wait until you get your hemp neck massage during treatment… you can thank me later!”


WHAT TO EXPECT |  Experience a steam cleanse, gentle exfoliation via hydra-dermabrasion which targets fine lines + wrinkles and promotes lymphatic drainage. Brighten and revitalize with radio frequency, LED light, and an antioxidant delivering CBD mask. Mesotherapy, the notox, delivers the perfect penetration of hydration and vitamins deep below the surface.  Leave plumped and ready to go with your GLOW on HIGH!   


60 minutes of 9+ CBD infused advanced skincare treatments


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