TruKid Eczema Care Bubble Podz


Truth + Beauty

Fun and bubbly without the harsh and toxic ingredients like: DEA, TEA, SLS, SLES, or propylene glycols or alcohol. Formulated with the most sensitive of skin in mind, your child will be bubbling with joy in this bath!  Bath-time can be complicated for eczema sufferers.  Not any more.....all the fun and bubbles, none of the harsh chemicals!  YAY!  

24 ct.


Made only with truly natural ingredients, TruKid Eczema Care Bubble Podz offer an eczema safe and fun way for kids to bathe in bubbles! The Bubble Podz formula leaves skin soft and refreshed. Formulated for kids with extra sensitive skin, Bubble Podz provide super gentle bath care for busy families. This super easy, ready-to-use system with pre-measured, single use, water-soluble pods offers a fun, natural burst that dissolves almost instantly.


Pure cane sugar, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, corn starch, and allantoin

Hints + Tips

Cup one pod in hands under warm running water while in bath (or simply throw one in the bath). Watch it burst and then dissolve. Kick back with your rubber ducky and enjoy the truly natural suds. After bath, nourish skin with TruKid Easy Eczema Cream to keep skin hydrated.

Due to Bubble Podz natural formulation the amount of bubbles produced may vary based on your water quality. For a bubblier bath, use two or three podz.

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