The Good Patch | Hangover Set (4 Patches in 1 Pouch)


Truth + Beauty

Truth | The struggle is real. Sometime there's just not enough time for an IV run before your 9 AM flight. Let the patch heal you!  **PLEASE NOTE THAT EACH PACKET HAS 4 PATCHES INSIDE.  

Beauty | This transdermal patch, complete with all natural ingredients, helps you bounce back faster than you can say "Time for Brunch."


Went too far and now you’re in hell? We get it. B1, B Complex and green tea extract will reduce the effects of your hangover. This Hangover Plant Patch Set includes 4 natural patches with a resealable closure to keep your leftover patches ready for next weekend's adventures.


B1, B Complex & Green Tea

Hints + Tips

Apply one patch. Patch may be worn up to 24 hours.

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