Sugar Me Smooth Face Hair Removal


Truth + Beauty

Truth | Who has time for plucking all the time? Now you can have the freedom to enjoy smooth skin for longer!

Beauty | This organic, safer alternative than waxing, leaves skin smoother than before.


Sugar Me Smooth All Natural Face Sugar is specially formulated to remove unwanted hairs in sensitive areas including upper lip, eyebrows, neck, etc. The addition of Licorice Root to our already unique sugaring recipe is designed to reduce sting and irritation. Small flickers are included to achieve the correct flicking technique in tough to get spots. Each piece of Sugar is reused for quicker hair removal and significantly more skin coverage per jar. Get better results, softer skin & longer time in-between sessions than waxing. Skin is silky smooth and hair-free for up to 6 weeks. Works on all skin and hair types.


Sucrose, Lemon Juice, Water, Fructose, Licorice Root and Olive Oil.

Hints + Tips
  1. When you receive your sugar, we recommend you let it sit upright in a cool to room temperature space (72F/22C) for up to 8-12 hours before opening the jar. During shipping the sugar can be left upside down or on its side, causing it to stick to the seal. If you allow the sugar to settle in the upright position it will reach a more optimal Sugaring consistency and not stick to the seal. 
  2. Clean and dry skin thoroughly. Do not sugar in the same room where you have showered, as the steam can cause the sugar to become too sticky. 
  3. Lightly apply Sugar Me Smooth Prepping Powder to absorb excess oils on the skin for optimal hair removal (optional).
  4. Using applicator, slowly apply sugar against direction of the hair growth three times.
  5. After third spread, hold skin taut and quickly flick applicator in the same direction of the hair growth fully removing sugar and hair from skin (the trick is to “flick” fast). To avoid bruising do not lift up.
  6. Continue using the same piece of sugar until it no longer removes hair easily. (i.e. entire leg only requires 1-3 golf ball size pieces of sugar/upper lip requires 1 marble size piece - this may vary).
  7. Using warm water, wash any remaining sugar from skin.
  8. To replenish and calm skin, use Sugar Me Smooth Soothing Solution or Soothing Mist.

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