OY-L Bath Salts


Truth + Beauty

Truth | When we soak in the tub, we are exposing our entire body to whatever we put in the water! Do you know what ingredients are in your current bath items?

Beauty | The best way to end the day, S2P loves these amazing bath salts from ancient sea beds. Whether a long warm bath or a quick dip in the tub the 84 trace minerals in these salts will have you feeling relaxed in no time! Hello, glow! 


Mined from ancient sea beds and untainted by modern sea toxins, OY-L bath salts are a rich source of 84 trace minerals. Blended with skin health enriching components and tranquil aromatics, OY-L bath salts transform your perspective from stress to peace. Sprinkle 2-4 oz. in your warm bath.


Pink Himalayan salt, magnesium sulfate, tapioca starch, essential oils

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