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Truth + Beauty


Lyndsey Z of L. Avenue sat down with us at Switch2Pure and told us about her journey to cleaner products. From being a busy mom to having family history of cancer. She has made the switch and won’t look back! She told us about how Switch2Pure has made an amazing organic impact for her! Thanks Lyndsey, We love you too!
This Exclusive Kit comes in 2 different varieties, With Kiddos & Without Kiddos. In the With Kiddos Kit, you will receive Lyndsey and her family's favorites from Switch2Pure. Without Kiddos is a version that will not include the Tru Kid Bubble Podz & Tru Kid Sunscreen. Both kits include natural, organic, safer products that make the switch2pure SO easy! Whether your shopping With Kiddos or Without Kiddos, this Exclusive Kit is sure to have you GLOWING all summer long! 


L. Avenue Kit (With Kiddos) Includes:

  • Chocolate Sun Shea Butter Body Moisturizer (with Sunscreen)

  • Olie Rose Glow Drops (antiaging, collagen stimulation, reduces fine lines...shall we continue) 

  • Switch2Pure Lavender Rose Probiotic Deodorant (one of L’s first switches, this probiotic deodorant does the job!) 

  • Honey Belle DIY Detox Matcha Mint Mask (everyone needs a weekly mask, this matcha turns in to a paste upon adding water and extracts impurities and keeps the skin balanced)  

  • Orgaid Anti-Aging and Moisturizing Sheet Mask (hello, moisture!! This organic sheet mask is addictive.  Hydrates and really plumps the skin!) 

  • TruKid Eczema Bubble podz (looking for fun bathtime without the side of toxins. These pods create really fun bubbles but are completely safe....No formaldehyde for those littles like many other brands!)  comes in eczema/dryskin or normal skin.  

  • TruKid Eczema Sunscreen (no chemicals in this sunscreen, just protection, peace of mind and moisture!) comes in eczema/dryskin or normal skin.  


* TruKid Watermelon Podz can be substituted for Eczema Pods 
* TruKid Sport Sunscreen can be substituted for the Eczema Sunscreen
***With all kits we want to make sure you are getting the #latest and #greatest products, so with changing brands and inventory, we take the liberty to make swaps where we see best fit!!***

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