Intelligent Elixir Pure Squalane


Truth + Beauty

Truth | At S2P, we love us some Squalane (Pure Squalane, of course!)! This oil is even oily skin friendly! Squalane is an excellent moisturizer and leaves skin feeling plump and non-greasy.

Ever get dry areas around your face or eyes that seem stubborn? Leave it to Pure Squalane! It is not only safe for eczema/psoriasis/sensitive skin sufferers but it also soothes these problems at the core! YAY! 

Beauty | Along with hydration, protection, antibacterial properties, you can expect a healthy, long term glow from this proudly pure product! 



Apply oil directly to clean skin or combine with moisturizer for an enhanced treatment. Use daily or as needed. Safe for all skin types! 



A lightweight, non-comedogenic oil that provides exceptional hydration and prevents moisture loss while enhancing skins elasticity and barrier integrity to improve the appearance of surface lines.



Squalane (plant derived)



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