Au Naturale Taper Powder & Highlighting Brush


Truth + Beauty

Truth | Make up brushes can get really gross over time and, some are made with ingredients that are harmful to our bodies. 

Beauty | This luxurious professional Vegan makeup brush is made with a vegan taklon bristle that will apply your makeup so smoothly, you will be in LOVE. 


This little wonder flaunts what your mama gave ya. Whether you want to color shapely cheeks, create a sun-kissed glow or play up your angles, our highlighting brush applies mineral makeup evenly for an ultra-smooth finish. Great for powder,  blushers, bronzers and veils. Made with non-irritating taklon bristles. 

Tips + Hints

    Easy care: Wipe makeup from brush. Wash with pure shampoo. Wipe on cotton towel to absorb excess water. Reshape bristles with fingers to prevent feathering.

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