Ballon Blanc Secret Magic Cotton Wipes


Truth + Beauty

Truth | Not all feminine wipes are created equal. Using a product down there with unknown ingredients, toxins or chemicals can really cause a ruckus. 

Beauty | Infused with multiple organic extracts, these secret feminine wipes with keep you refreshed & moisturized throughout the day!


Easy to use and easily concealable wipes perfect for women that live on-the-go. With a long-lasting cool feeling & a refreshing scent - these will become a "time of the month" must.  


Made of 100% Pure Cotton

Ballon Blanc Feminine Wipes contain 19 Natural ingredients including coconut extract, brocoli extract, and other natural extracts that promote hydration and hygiene. 

Hints + Tips

Simply remove from the package and swipe gently for a quick refresh! 

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