Tying The Knot With A Glow Kit


Truth + Beauty

TRUTH | Weddings are stressful. The forecast does not look promising, the floral arrangements called for peonies, NOT pansies, and the seating arrangement has somehow resulted in your conservative mother-in-law sitting next to your mouthy Aunt Becky. Oh, and you're expected to look picture-perfect all day long.

BEAUTY | Though we can't become your personal wedding planner, we can help make you photo ready with a glow that can't be denied! We've hand-picked a collection of beauty products (think body oil, face masks, whitening toothpaste, etc) to be used during the days leading up to the big "I Do" to ensure a ravishing complexion that will make those memories (and photos, of course) perfect to remember. 

Ingredients: Organic rose water spray, organic Vitamin C sheet mask, Erase body oil, natural soap bar, all natural whitening toothpaste, matcha tea face mask, organic facial oil, and fluid reduction body oil

***With all kits we want to make sure you are getting the #latest and #greatest products, so with changing brands and inventory, we take the liberty to make swaps where we see best fit!!***

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