MyMagicMud Breath Mints


Truth + Beauty

TRUTH | My Magic Mud Charcoal Mints are great for the get up and go type of days! It freshen your breath with natural peppermint, Xylitol, and activated charcoal.

BEAUTY | S2P loves these refreshing mints. Made with activated charcoal to deeply clean your mouth without leaving any charcoal residue. It's MINT to be! 


Stop offending your loved ones with rank breath, and start exhaling deliciousness all over them. Yes, we now have activated charcoal mints that deeply clean your mouth without any mess at all. No, it doesn’t leave charcoal residue in your mouth. And yes, they're the best tasting natural mints out there!

Xylitol, Acacia, Natural Menthol, Natural Peppermint Flavor, Activated Charcoal


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