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Thyroid, Heavy Metals + Clean Beauty

By Estela Cockrell

Thyroid, Heavy Metals + Clean Beauty

Your Thyroid,  Green Beauty, & What They have to do with each other

A lot, Here's why. Practicing wellness takes on many forms. Starting from what you eat, to how you hydrate, your stress level, environmental and personal product toxin exposure. There are so many things that we do or don't do daily that strengthen or weaken our immune system. It all contributes to either borage or boost that overworked immune system.

"Practicing wellness and what I am putting in or on my body has not always come natural to me. I grew up eating fast food, drinking sodas and used whatever product was popular at the time. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with a handful of chronic illnesses did I dig deep into the research and make the switch; it was a no brainer when many symptoms dissipated almost immediately.

When it comes to certain ingredients in beauty products, the way they can negatively affect us is truly mind-blowing. Did you know regular beauty products contain heavy metals? Heavy metals are very, very sneaky. Many of us are riddled with them and simply have no clue. These symptoms can present with fatigue, brain fog, headaches and rashes. They are found in our beauty products, deodorant, water, cleaning products, food, and our environment to name a few.

Some examples of common heavy metals are lead, cadmium, and mercury. Something startling is that by the age of 10, a child born after the year 2000 will have been exposed to 30,000 chemicals! One terror we can thank for this is glyphosate aka Roundup. Created in 1974 and since then the rate of autoimmune disease has skyrocketed. Coincidence? Sadly, no.

Something I and many others suffer from is hypothyroidism. Mercury and nitrates chemically resemble iodine which is needed for the production of T4 thyroid hormone. When these toxicants are absorbed by the body, the body thinks its iodine, which causes hypothyroidism. Further damage then causes an autoimmune response causing Hashimotos. This happens when the cells become inflamed and damaged to the point where the body does not recognize them anymore as their own, creating antibodies. These antibodies are what attack the body and naturally an autoimmune disease is born.

Mercury and nitrates are found in beauty and cleaning products, sushi, cured and processed meats, and fertilizer. It is best to use clean beauty, skincare and bath + body, hair care products, eat organic, use a proper air and water filtration in your home, and ingest grass-fed meats and salmon vs tuna.

Switching over to clean products and food doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Make changes slowly vs going to the store and spending hundreds of dollars at once. Ask questions.  There are so may resources these days and thank goodness for Switch2Pure – a true one stop shop for all your clean skincare, beauty and wellness needs (free of heavy metals!). Don’t wait for your body to tell you somethings wrong, make the switch2pure today and reap the benefits by feeling good and aging in reverse."

Guest blog by Casey Barbles

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