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By Estela Cockrell

Teas, Teas, Teas | Switch2Pure


The practice of drinking tea dates back nearly 5,000 years (so ole school – we know!), and somehow is it STILL very relevant?  According to many ancient cultures, the act of drinking tea and indulging in the “culture” that surrounds the experience can elevate the spirit to a higher realm.  That is exactly why tea ceremonies have become so popular.  We know, these days, we hardly have time to get dressed for carpool, much less sit around a circle and sip a hot brew.....but if you are able to start the day with a cup of tea you may be surprised with the many benefits.  

Of course the caffeinated versions provide a quick pick-me-up, but clearly it is more than just that. The herbs and tea leaves that compose different tea blends provide cleansing, invigorating and wellness effects necessary for a healthy, glowing body. Each type of tea, whether it be green, herbal, or loose leaf, contain essential vitamins and antioxidants that help to aid with various systemic issues ranging from osteoporosis, weight loss, to stress-management. With such a seemingly simple solution to detoxing our body and managing our health, drinking tea should be incorporated into anyone’s daily wellness routine.  We can all start somewhere!  Add the SKINNY tea to my cart!  This ain't your mama's Lipton.

THE LITTLE GREEN HERBAL WONDER….NOT HEMP, BUT MATCHA:  Team Organic Matcha tea is the powdered form of green tea leaves.  Talk about a morning elixir!  100% of the nutrients of the green tea leaf are consumed when drinking matcha as nothing is lost in the steeping process.  There are more than a hundred times the antioxidants in Matcha tea than in regular green tea.  And, since we are all about efficiencies…we like the sound of that! This powerful super antioxidant (think super-sized cancer-fighting) drink is a great source of  vitamin C, magnesium, and zinc to naturally calm the mind, detoxify the body, and enhance your mood. We love our Teami Organic Matcha Tea! 


Energy: Trying to quit coffee or ward off the afternoon slump?  Experience the natural energy that Yerba Mate tea can offer! With cooling notes of ginseng and peppermint, this wonderfully balanced tea will keep you from feeling the typical caffeine crash. 

 Alive: We all want to feel our absolute best and Teami Alive Tea does just the trick. With the use of all natural ingredients that our bodies innately crave, it’s no wonder that this tea makes us feel truly alive!

Profit: Looking for a way to prevent and ward off sickness? This delicious and immune building tea will balance the body’s natural state, while tasting divine. That’s a win-win for us!

 Skinny: This tea offers a natural way to boost metabolism, raise energy, and suppress cravings without the adverse effect of laxatives. Paired with Teami’s Colon blend, these two teas create a welcomed detox for the body.

Colon: We all know how important our colon is, so let’s keep it clean and pure with Teami Colon Tea. Paired with Teami’s Skinny blend, toxins will be naturally cleansed from the body, leaving you feeling better than ever!

Matcha: If you love the beauty and antioxidant benefits that green tea can offer then Matcha Tea is for you.  Matcha makes a wonderful elixir and is a unique source of antioxidants….the EGCg antioxidant provides wonderful cancer-fighting properties.