Switch It Right Now: Today’s Safer Switch by Switch2Pure

By Estela Cockrell

Switch It Right Now: Today’s Safer Switch by Switch2Pure

So here is the #quick and #dirty:

If we had to round up a list of the FIVE mass-marketed skincare and beauty products you should toss, in the #trash, RIGHT NOW it would be…..

1) Sunscreen - Why? Let us count the ways...but think (b chloride)

2) Red Lipstick- Well, who would have thought you are eating (lead)

3) Shampoo - Only an inch from your brain....(coal tar)

4) Deodorant - Just an inch from your lymphatic and one of your largest detoxifying organs, (endocrine disruptors, preservatives, and "fragrance")

5) Facial Cleanser -  Cancer causing (parabens)

Feeling hesitant? You won’t be after reading this…


Let’s begin with sunscreen. The typical SPF you buy at the store that you think is working wonders to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays is actually jam packed with BENZALKONIUM CHLORIDE AND BENEZETHONIUM CHLORIDE. Sounds scary, right? Well, that’s because it is scary. These chemicals are toxic to the body and when the immune system can’t fight them off, the endocrine, nervous, and respiratory systems become disrupted. Not to mention, this possible carcinogen, it is restricted in Japan and Canada… makes you wonder why the US would choose to sell it on their shelves??? I’ll take a #nontoxic swap, please. Click Here For Our Clean Options


Moving on… Red Lipstick. We all love the classic lip statement, but did you know that traces of LEAD can be found in your favorite party look staple??? When lead is absorbed into the system, it wreaks havoc on our gastrointestinal and reproductive systems. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to keep all of my systems functioning at their tip-top best, and I don’t need this carcinogen anywhere close to my mouth!  Click Here for Safer Lip Options


Next up on the list, Shampoo. This one may come as a surprise but the “anti-dandruff agent” used in mass marketed shampoos is actually COAL TAR. This is a KNOWN human carcinogen and for some reason, it is not banned in the US. I definitely don’t need tar in my hair, so I’ll be switching to #safe + #pure shampoo IMMEDIATELY…Oh, and BTW, we have the best shampoos that help with that autoimmune and hormonal induced hair loss.....Click Here for Safer Haircare


Ah… Deodorant. This vastly important beauty/skincare product does not get the spotlight it deserves. Our lymphatic systems runs mere millimeters away from our armpits, so to be using deodorants laced with toxic chemicals is a risk no one should be taking. This might have you questioning, “but what’s in my deodorant that’s so bad??” The culprit here seems unassuming, but the FRAGRANCE listed as an ingredient can contain between 10 and 300 different chemicals, many of which have never been tested for safety. Fragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, and respiratory destruction. I could easily live my life without any of that…We have an entire blog post on your pits, deodorant, endocrine disruptors.  Stay clear of mass marketed antiperspirants with known synthetic preservatives, endocrine disruptors and more.  It is no surprise, and I hear, that many breast cancer oncologists ask women diagnosed with cancer to stop using antiperspirant.  Click Here for Safer Deodorants


 Facial Cleanser

What more could I possibly need to throw out!? Your facial cleanser. Brands found on the shelves of massive super stores include PARABENS in almost all of their facial cleansers. The term “paraben” has gained a lot of spark recently due to the increase of information becoming known and available to the consumer. We know now that these parabens may alter hormone levels, possibly increase our risk for certain types of cancer, impair fertility, or alter the development of a fetus or young child. I’m sure none of these incredibly severe consequences are crossing your mind when you’re half-asleep washing your face each morning… So #MakeTheSwitch and experience the relief that comes with using all #nontoxic products.  Click Here To Shop Safer Skincare Cleansers


If you are so beyond grossed out what is currently inhabiting your bathroom line-up… check out some of our suggested switches below ;)

1) Suntegrity Sunscreen - this totally pure product will give you all of the protection and NONE of the chemicals. 

2) Au Naturale Lipstick - you won't be missing your lead-laden red lip of the past when you get a load of this incredible replacement!

3) Rare El'ements Pure Shampoo - experience the luxury that this totally nontoxic shampoo provides to your nightly wash.

4) Agent Nateur holi(rose) - this naturally rose scented deodorant will have you wondering why you ever considered using "fragrance blends" to begin with...

5) Source Vitale Micellar Water - with none of the scary parabens, this multiuse cleanser rids your face from the dirt and grime keeping your skin #glowing (use with a cotton ball as a first step in your cleansing routine!)