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Purely Perfect Gift Guide: Mom and Baby

Mama Knows Best -  Mamas deserve to be pampered.  Especially the newbie mamas.  But mamas don't always have time to read every ingredient label. At S2P, we are obsessive + compulsive + label-reading, so mama can focus on what she does perfectly. This luxurious kit of 11 mom-pampering BEAUTY + SKINCARE + HOME was curated with a busy mama's life in mind.  Especially for the early years.


Baby Your Baby - We know that motherhood can be daunting and all of the labels, how-tos and instructions are enough to make you want to pull your hair out (well don't because it is likely still falling out from having the baby).  So, we curated 7 PURE + CLEAN + SAFER products just with her in mind! Small steps for baby and giant ones for mama. This easy, peasy kits have perfectly sweet-smelling products for that diaper wearing baby/toddler.  Move over perfumed laden, mass-marketed baby products.  Mamas will be thanking you eternally for this gift!


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