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Proven To Protect!

These deodorants get the job down without the harsh stuff!

"Aluminum temporary plugs the sweat ducts and stops the flow of sweat (toxins). Some research suggests that aluminum, applied frequently and left on the skin near the breast, may be absorbed by the skin and cause estrogen-like (hormonal) effects. Because estrogen has the ability to promote the growth of breast cancer cells, some scientists have suggested that the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants may contribute to the development of breast cancer.”  Darbre PD. Aluminum, antiperspirants and breast cancer. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry2005; 99(9):1912–1919. We say, "NO THANK YOU!"

Skincare isn’t one size fits all.  People’s skin biome, ph and bacteria are all different.  For some, baking soda is the perfect fit, but for others irritation may occur.  We have a variety of deodorant offerings to fit different needs.  We recommend our S2P probiotic DEODORANT for those with the most sensitive of skin.  We recommend charcoal for those transitioning from antiperspirant. We recommend sodium bicarbonate based deodorant for those who are transitioning from a deodorant and love a fragrant smell.  We recommend the essential oil based spray for those that like a spray and to frequently apply throughout the day.  Detoxing and transitioning from antiperspirant and chemically loaded deodorants is a process.                                              

Is it a rash or is it detox? 

RASH – Red, itchy, flaky, bumpy, burning skin.  This could be due to sensitives to the ingredients (essential oil, baking soda are usually the offendors)

Discontinue use for a few days.

DETOX - Feeling a bit tender or bumpy? No surprise: toxins, bacteria, and chemicals that aluminum antiperspirants kept trapped inside your body.  When your pits can finally flush these toxins, your lymph nodes, which are responsible for doing all that filtering, can become inflamed..

TIPS - Keep the pits clean and dry.  Shave in pm and apply deodorant in am.  Drink plenty of water.  Sweat it out! 

Remember:  Ingredients such as aluminum, triclosan, silica, propylene glycol, and chemical fragrances are all associated with causing skin irritation, allergies, organ system toxicity, and have even been linked to cancer.  So stay the course.  You will be back to your normal self in no time!

ANNOUNCING SWITCH2pure's Probiotic Deodorant.....

What?  A probiotic deodorant?!

By studying the biological causes of body odor, we've identified a formulation that attacks the root cause on three levels:

  • A blend of vegetable based powders + oils help to absorb & wick away wetness, separating it from your skin with a moisturizing barrier.  
  • Mineral ingredients like magnesium + baking soda neutralize the environment where the odor-causing bacteria thrives
  • Probiotic infused ingredients contribute to the biodiversity & strength of your skin’s microbiome

The result is all-day odor control with just one application.

Sensitive Skin?

For some people, baking soda is the perfect option for controlling odor. For others with baking soda sensitivities, our magnesium deodorant is just as effective but gentler on the ski

Is this an antiperspirant?

Instead, we use arrowroot powder to absorb and wick wetness away from your skin. This allows your body to sweat naturally without making you feel sweaty.

Will this deodorant leave yellow stains on my clothes?

There are a couple of reasons you may have experienced discoloration or staining in the past. Since our DEODORANT does not contain any aluminum, you never have to worry about the kind of yellow discolorations that occur when the urea in sweat combines with aluminum salts.  We use the same kind of fractionated coconut oil, so it's designed to absorb into your skin quickly with no oily residue. 

 *Do Note That Former Aluminum Use May Cause > yellow marks until your body completely flushes the aluminum.

 What it doesn’t have!

These deodorants are free of endocrine disrupting phthalates, as well as estrogen mimicking parabens & soy derivatives and sodium bicarbonate.They're also gmo-free & cruelty-free.