Move Over 20-Step Skincare Routine! We're on the go.

By Estela Cockrell

Move Over 20-Step Skincare Routine! We're on the go.

We're here to make things simple yet effective.
Hello, active ingredients!

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Behind the Glow in 9 steps

Estela here! 👋 I love to incorporate an easy routine since my life is consistently being on-the-"glow", whether it's traveling to different cities, heading out to tradeshows, vacation, or just buzzing around Houston (after school pick-up anyone?!) 

I definitely love to start/end my day with my whole skincare line. Bright + Shine to cleanse (with the Konjac Sponge), Be Glowy to tone and plump, and Well & Glow to hydrate + nourish! Afterward, depending on the day, I'll either scrub with a Citrus Scrub, do a mask (love Uma's brightening mask) or a sheet mask for a quick #spamoment! To top it off, I do a facial massage (hello, lymphatic drainage) with my Gua Sha and Crystal Roller!

Best in Beauty in 5

For my beauty routine, I like to keep it simple. Have you read my 3 minutes to glow? A little tinted moisturizer (love that it has SPF and hyaluronic acid), all-over illuminator, a light pink lip (or bolder depending on my mood), and my fave vegan mascara! I like to do a little Smoke n Mirrors shadow if it's the weekend!

Pure Wellness in 9

A few wellness essentials can go a long way in this busy lifestyle. I never leave without my nutraceutical packets, a protein shake in hand, and tinctures (helps keep me relaxed when things a lil hectic...)! Plus, I love incorporating the pre-mixed adaptogen packets in my morning coffee. I also never leave the house without taking my super ooo-omegas for mental clarity and digestive enzymes when traveling to help breakdown food!