Skincare and Makeup Expires?

By Estela Cockrell

Skincare and Makeup Expires?

YUP, skincare & makeup does expire!!

So TOSS that 3, 4, and 7-year-old trusty makeup! 


US label regulations don’t require an expiry symbol to be placed on products, so lot’s of confusion can ensue.
As if toxins weren’t enough to try to figure out, now we got to worry about expiration dates too!! Don't fret, we'll worry about you! Old and expired makeup loses pigment, can cause breakouts, can feed skin parasites 🤢 and even contribute to eye and skin infections.

Did you know makeup has a shelf life??

Once you open an item, the countdown starts to expiration as exposure to air and bacteria can cause ingredients to break down. Environmental factors like humidity, sunlight, and heat can compromise active ingredients (vitamins c & e, glycolic acid, etc.) Either your cosmetics will have an expiration date (not typically the case) with a 30-month shelf life OR there me a prescribed period after opening number that indicates how long the product can be used for. 

Here are a few expiry dates and tips on when to TOSS. And, if you are feeling guilty, package up your old stuff and stow away in the cabinet and CALL US so we can help you find some #leadfree #nontoxic #crueltyfree #natural and makeup options. 

(Period after Opening: look for this on your make-up...if it's past that..throw it away!)

🔺Mascara - 3 months START FRESH
🔺 Lipstick - 18 months (so if you bought last holiday 17/18. It’s time to move on. START FRESH
🔺 Lipliner, lip balm, and gloss - 1 year. START FRESH
🔺 Foundation + concealers - 12 months. START FRESH
🔺 Eye Shadow -2 years. START FRESH
🔺 Powder highlighters, blushes, etc. - 2 years. START FRESH
🔺 Brushes 2-3 years with weekly maintenance. START FRESH
🔺Cleansers 1 year. START FRESH
🔺Moisturizers + face lotions + serums 6 months to 1 year. START FRESH
🔺Sunscreen 2 years. START FRESH
🔺Soaps (once opened) 1 year. START FRESH
🔺Nail polish - 1-2 years. START FRESH

This is a handy cheat sheet for you to reference!

Note, that just because it is unopened and has been exposed to less air doesn’t mean it won’t oxidize!!

🔴 According to dermatologist and ophthalmologists. Mascara, eyeliner, and mascara are non-negotiable. Bacterial, viral and yeast are serious issues when makeup starts to turn. Particularly relating to the eye, styes, conjunctivitis, pink eye, and in rare cases, vision-threatening conditions are a problem! We always tell purists to stow away all old eyeliner, mascara, shadow, and powder. And clean all brushes when trying to cure an eye or skin infection.
🔴 CLEAN those makeup brushes once per week with our activated charcoal detox bar to ensure toxins are extracted and do this weekly. Lay flat to dry!
🔴 Don’t share or clean with alcohol if you do! 
🔴 Store your products in a cool, dry place or the refrigerator (stay tuned, our mini skincare fridges are coming SOON!) 
Bottom line: Look for expiry dates, the period after opening dates, and if something smells/looks off, toss it out! BUH-BYE!
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