Lighten Your Toxic Load From the Inside Out | Tips to Rid You of Toxins by Switch2Pure

By switch2purecom Admin

Lighten Your Toxic Load From the Inside Out | Tips to Rid You of Toxins by Switch2Pure

We’ve all heard that “inflammation” is bad for the body, but what exactly does it mean to have an inflamed system? And what causes inflammation? And how can we combat it? If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, KEEP READING, because I’m here to break it down and dish the #PureTruth on the in’s and out’s of the infamous term “inflammation.”


Okay, so first things first, let’s define this bad boy. Inflammation is the body’s defensive biological response to harmful toxins like pathogens, irritants, carcinogens, and other “no-no’s!” Our bodies are SO smart that we naturally try to eliminate these damaging infiltrators, but that process wears and tears at our immune cells. This process physically manifests and becomes apparent through pain, heat, redness, swelling, or loss of function of the immune cells that are trying their best to protect the body. I don’t know about you, but I’m more than okay with living without these less-than-beautifying reactions that result from inflamed cells.


So now that we know what inflammation is, let’s talk seriously about some of the severe consequences that can result from chronic inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis? Celiac Disease? Colitis? Cancer? Do these scary, life-threatening diseases ring a bell? Yeah, and they are all linked to inflammatory abnormalities. It’s for this reason that there is so much buzz around the term “inflammation,” because it’s the root cause to so many health problems.


BUT, have no fear!!! There is still hope! The first step in taking our health into our own hands is having the understanding of the severity of inflammation because knowing what toxic triggers inflame the body can lead us to making more conscious decisions to avoid the carcinogens, free-radicals, irritants that are found in so many of the products around us so we won't ever have to deal with the after effects.


So let’s run through a short tip list on lightening our toxic load from the inside out:

1)    Ditch the mass-marketed cosmetics. Your skin is the first defense to the harmful toxins in the environment, so let’s give our skin a break by using all natural, organic make up to make our skin’s life easy, and keep our complexion glowing.

2)    Stop the stress! Take the time to relax and unwind because lowering cortisol levels will significantly reduce inflammation within the body. At S2P, one of our favorite simple ways to decompress is with a warm cup of tea. Turn off the phone, take it outdoors, and enjoy some necessary teatime!

3)    Lastly, think about all the things we ingest on a daily basis whether it’s through our food, home, or personal care products. Choosing organic foods and non-toxic products is a necessary component to keeping inflammation at bay, and it’s a simple switch that can stave off some very serious consequences.


Obviously, there are a zillion different ways to reduce toxic exposure, but these three quick-and-easy suggestions could be the start to a huge lifestyle change that could set your health on an upward spiral that'll have you looking and feeling great!